Introduction to Web Marketing Training

Web Marketing is a fantastic tool for any business, and with more and more people chosen to look online for their required product or service it is becoming an even more important tool.

Web Marketing includes:

But when it comes to Web Marketing it really does pay to understand exactly what you’re doing before you dive in to what can easily become a disastrous digital marketing strategy. For some people outsourcing your web marketing is a perfect option, let the people who know what they are doing handle it, but for many people this may not be an option; this is where Web Marketing training becomes a perfect solution for anyone who falls within this category.

Our Web Marketing Training is a great starting point for anyone who wants to be able to market their business online. Approaching digital marketing can be a scary prospect for some people, so let us help you to develop some of the necessary skills and knowledge that you need to successfully market your business on the web.

What the day will involve

All our training courses will be completely tailored beforehand to meet the needs of the client (that’s you!). Offering a bespoke service to all clients is important to us as it enables us to mold a training session around what skills you already have, what requirements you have and your current level of expertise. This will ensure that you will receive the best value training for your money.

As a starting point this is what is generally included in our web marketing training session:

  • Key principles of marketing a business online
  • The differences between channels
  • How the channels work together
  • Structure a web marketing strategy

Have you ever found yourself in a lesson, lecture, presentation or training course where the teacher or trainer just talks at you for the entire time and you end up incredibly bored and not even paying attention? We work to make sure this doesn’t happen during our training sessions as we believe interactivity is a key aspect of learning. Therefore during the training you will have the opportunity to apply what you have learnt to your own business, which at the same time will highlight any areas of weakness of questions you might have.

Because the training is completely tailored to the individual, group or company if you require a more advanced training programme then all you have to do is ask!

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