Grow Your Online Presence With A New Website

Your website is probably the most important and valuable business tool you have. Whatever your business sector, turnover or offering your website is your ‘shop window’ online. With this in mind, it is of paramount importance that your website not only exudes a professional and high quality look that matches your brand, but that it is structured in an intuitive way with seamless functionality that will keep your customers and audience engaged.

Do you already have a website?

Most people do, but often come to us when they feel it isn’t performing well or working as hard as they do. The first way that we can help you is to do a website audit. This will give you a clear idea of what you need to do in terms of:

  • Visual strength and art direction
  • Design and layout
  • Structure
  • Content (including user content)
  • Functionality and usability
  • Coding and load times
  • Responsiveness (mobile friendly)
  • Data capture
  • Up-selling and cross-selling

Do you need a new website?

Sometimes getting a whole new website is the best course of action, particularly if you are updating to a new platform, re-branding your company or perhaps starting a new business. It is very important to build, structure and design the website so that it is search engine friendly. We have a full optimised website design service to ensure you not only get the look and styling of your website how you want it but you will lay the foundations of a website that will be found in the search engines.

Moving platform or changing domain?

If your website has become outdated and you need to change platform (for a better content management system for example) you will need to ‘migrate’ your existing site over to a new platform. From an SEO perspective there are ways to do this to ensure you minimise loss of rankings with the new site. You can read more about our website migrations service here.

Getting traffic but not converting sales?

Some clients get to a point where they are ranking well in the search engines, have a good flow of traffic through to their pages but this is not translating into sales or enquiries. This is usually an issue with messaging, functionality and usability. We can help resolve these issues with our Usability Testing services – sometimes it can be a very simple change needed to increase conversion on your website.

Need help with content generation and ideas?

Content is of high importance as a ranking factor as search engines will use this to gauge the quality of information you are providing to your audience. Content is of course an important part in the engagement of potential customers and will be influential in the conversion rate too.

So to start with we will do a full content review of your website, your market sector and competition. As well as looking at the content you have we will also look at any missed opportunities with content and ways to generate content. We will do this through extensive keyword research and also talk with you to fully understand your business, your market sector and your target audience.

Our past website projects

Whether it is a brand new optimised website or website migration, we have been involved with some fantastic projects to create our client’s new websites. From mortgage brokers to wedding boutiques we can help clients no matter what industry they serve.

Take a look at a couple of examples of some of our recent projects below.

Trousseaux – Wedding Boutique

Trousseaux came to us in 2015 in definite need of a fresh design for their then outdated website. With new ownership coming into place, this was the perfect opportunity to refresh the website, and they opted to choose ourselves, as a local supplier.

“I found the staff at All Things Web® totally professional and knowledgeable, they make the client feel extremely important and the most vital part of the process. The team went above and beyond the call of duty to design a website which is better than I ever could have wished for.” – Vicki Bruce, Owner

Blast Mobile Bar Hire – Event Bar Hire

Blast Event Hire is a longstanding client of our team, and when they opted to create a separate microsite dedicated to their bar hire service, they were thrilled to come to us thanks to our in-depth knowledge of their business already, and understanding of just wanted they wanted to achieve.

“We have a couple of large projects happening this year and we have felt totally at ease with letting All Things Web@ take control of this. They have a very keen eye for detail and take all our requests on board whilst giving their honest feedback to ensure that the finished product is the best it possibly can be. They are always on hand if we ever have any queries or urgent requests and fulfill our requirements very efficiently. The team are an absolute pleasure to work with and I can’t wait to see what other projects we get to work on together in the future.” – Josh Hignell, Managing Director

BASDA – Business Application Software Developers Association

BASDA were already receiving support from both All Things Web® and All Things Marketing, and we quickly identified the need for a brand new website especially to encourage larger corporations to join the association along with some current well known members.

“I have just been able to take a good look at the new site and it is really impressive.  The home page plays well to our strengths and underlines the importance of our role in engaging on key agenda topics.  The content is clear and the navigation works well.” – Tim Cole, BASDA General Council Member

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