Email Marketing – A cost-effective communication strategy

Whether you are looking to keep in touch with your existing customers or win new ones, Email Marketing is a flexible and cost-effective communication channel that really should form an integral part of your online marketing strategy.

So, whether it’s to attract new customers or service existing ones, All Things Web’s® email marketing service will help you to identify, plan, manage and track email communication campaigns that meet your objectives and bring you a real return on investment.

We use a number of different email marketing management systems, and can either co-ordinate your campaign in its entirety or simply provide advice, training and support…as a result of which we’re able to provide cost effective solutions that cater for a variety of budgets.

Whatever the type of online communication you want, contact us today on 01793 766040, or use contact form and find out how email marketing can generate a greater volume of leads and sales for your business.


Build even better relationships with your existing customers!

Having regular contact with your customers will help to build a stronger relationships and email marketing is a great tool to help you achieve this. Whether you are looking to send a regular email newsletter, provide information on your new products and special offers or send your customer reward vouchers, a managed email campaign will enable you to communicate quickly and cost-effectively with your existing customers. It is also a highly useful tool to integrate into your social media strategy – so why not talk with our experts and find out more?

Locate & market your business to new customers

But Email Marketing isn’t just for existing customers, it’s an increasingly important tool for businesses of all sizes who want to market their products and services to potential new customers too.

Whether you already have a list of contacts or are looking to obtain new ones, email campaigns can be easily and cost-effectively changed to target each particular audience, and have the added benefit that they can bring potential customers directly to your website.

All Things Web® can, by carefully initiating and managing your email marketing campaigns, quickly identify and secure new email contacts to help YOU start winning new customers.

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Online Marketing Services Delivery

We understand that your goals and online journey will be unique to you and that to succeed you can’t be constrained by a one size fits all service.   We therefore tailor everything to your needs, giving you flexibility to adapt your flight plan as you need which includes the way in which we deliver our services.

Our [type of service] services can be delivered in a number of ways:

Outsourced Services

Our team of digital marketing experts can fully manage all aspect of your digital journey to ensure your reach your destination smoothly.  The majority of our clients work with us on a retained basis to ensure that everything is delivered effectively and consistently day in day out.

Tailored Training

Our team of digital marketing specialists can train and support your in-house team, enabling them to fly solo in a wide range of online marketing activities giving you a cost-effective and sustainable solution.