Social Media Strategy

Before you start using Social Media as part of your overall marketing plan it is important to work out a strategy for exactly what you want to use Social Media for. We have seen it so many times when businesses go in blind and then complain that Social Media isn’t working for them and commonly it is because they haven’t worked out exactly what they are going to do on Social Media and even which channels will be of most use to them.

Our team can come in and help you think about these things and ensure that you have a plan set so that you can make the most of your Social Media efforts and not just waste valuable time, money and resources.



Choosing the right channel for you

Not every Social Media Channel will work for every business. Different channels attract different audiences and are used in different ways. The 3 most popular Social Media channels for businesses, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, in general are most commonly used for and by the following markets:

LinkedIn – B2B

Facebook – B2C with some B2B

Twitter – Combination of B2B and B2C

Instagram – Mainly B2C with some B2B

Not only should you think about your market but also look into where your customers are. This is an obvious point that can easily be forgotten, so remember go where your customers are.

Clarify your business Social Media goals

What do you want from Social Media?

This is one of the most important questions to ask yourself before even signing up to your chosen Social Media Channel.

Whether you want to increase engagement with your customers, develop your brand image, promote a specific campaign, drive traffic to your website or one of the endless list of reasons why your business might want to use Social Media; when we help you with your Social Media we will make sure you are able to answer this question as it will drive everything else you do on Social Media.

What to do if you have already started using Social Media

If you are already using Social Media and aren’t seeing your desired return on investment then as part of pulling together your Social Media strategy we can help by looking at your current social media status which includes how many followers you have, how many people you are following, what sort of content you are posting & how much engagement are your getting. This will enable us to work out where Social Media might be going wrong for you in the aim to help improve your overall strategy.

As much as we say it is important to work out your strategy before you dive into using Social Media, sometimes your first plan may not be the write one, if you find that your Social Media Strategy isn’t working, then there is no harm in adjusting it as you go along to ensure that you use Social Media efficiently and effectively.

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