Social Media Management

It seems like everywhere you look you are being asked to sign up to a blog, follow someone on Twitter, be a friend via Facebook or connect on LinkedIn. With such a wide choice of social media channels available the problem facing many businesses, particularly the smaller ones, is knowing which ones to choose and how to use them effectively.

With more and more businesses using Social Media as part of an integrated marketing strategy, first of all it is becoming more important to have a presence on Social Media but also you must manage it well. What is the point of having Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google + if you aren’t going to post, share, interact, follow and all the other social media jargon that is out there!

For some people and businesses you either might not have the time to manage your Social Media, you don’t understand it enough to do it well, or you just don’t want to but you know you need to be there. If this is the case then we can provide you with a Social Media management package to suit any business with any Social Media requirements.

How it works

A Social Media Strategy will change from one business to the next. Businesses will want to use them for different purposes, target different people, use different platforms and for many more reasons require a different strategy for the management of their Social Media. We understand that all businesses will require a unique Social Media strategy, therefore, we can tailor a Social Media Management package to your exact requirements.

As standard Social Media Management will include:

  • Posting as required each week
  • Helping grow your following
  • Engage with your followers
  • Connect and share with other businesses and pages that are appropriate for you
  • Creation of relevant content to support Social Media

Our management service varies depending on your businesses, your market, your goals, and your audience so we will ensure our service meets your exact needs.


Social Media Platforms

There is a variety of Social Media platforms available to use both personally and for businesses. Not every business will need to be on every platform, it is important to choose the platform that will be the most effective for your business and where you can find the right target audience. The following are the platforms that we can manage for you:




Google +



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