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Social Media has certainly had profound effects on the way we live our daily lives in recent years, altering how we interact with each other and the world around us. It makes sense then, that businesses are changing the way they interact and engage with their customers too, using Social Media as part of their overall marketing strategy.

Recognising that their existing customers are their best assets, there are currently;

  • 85% of businesses using Facebook
  • 77% of businesses active on Twitter
  • 58% of businesses engaging with LinkedIn

Used effectively Social Media can heighten brand awareness and increase customer engagement, ultimately expanding lead generation for small and large businesses alike. With the aim of directing traffic to your website, Social Media can work in conjunction with all your SEO efforts contributing favourably to search engine rankings.

Did you know that 92% of consumers trust word-of-mouth?

Most people trust what their friends say, and the positive (and negative) reviews they give when buying a product or service. Essentially Social Media is the same as peer-to-peer communication where people, like, share and comment in an online environment. With a rich source of ideas and inspiration we can work alongside you to produce engaging content, compelling blog posts and appealing images and events.

Social Media: the benefits

Whether your business is B2B or B2C, it beholds a number of benefits, that it modern times your business wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Customer advocacy – are you making your customers the advocates of your brand and business? More and more people use Social Media as a way to find out how credible you are as a business, and this includes looking at reviews and comments your customers have already made on your social media.

Millenial search engines – even though Google is still the number one search engine, things have changed over recent years in that younger generations now use social media to search for products and services, therefore you are missing out on a potential market if you do not have an adequate presence on social media.

Brand awareness and credibility – social media is a fantastic way to make your brand known, especially to specific audiences of your choosing. As well as this, demonstrating that you regularly share and engage on your relevant channels demonstrates that you are a credible business that can be trusted.

Low-cost advertising – although still a viable option for many business, Pay-Per-Click Advertising can be an expensive option for businesses. However social media provides a great solution in being able to target new audiences that you otherwise may not be able to market to.

Content distribution – if you are actively producing content, whether that be blog posts, video, infographics, website content, you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to share this great content with a wider audience which is what social media can help you do.

Social Media: potential pitfalls to avoid

Like most forms of marketing, if conducted poorly you could be wasting valuable time, money and resources. Therefore let’s make sure that your Social Media takes off from the beginning.

Bad responses too bad reviews – whether we like it or not we all have the potential to receive bad reviews, what you need to ensure is that you know how you respond to them properly

The wrong platform – whether you use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or one of the many others, they won’t all be suited to your business and target market. Make sure you pick the right ones and use them in the right way.

Not being social – so many businesses fall into the trap of just selling to their followers on Social Media. This is the last thing people want to see after all Social Media is all about being social!

Not being engaging enough – you may not have the most exciting product or service in the world but your content, messaging and imagery still need to be engaging, if you are not grabbing the attention of followers then you need to tweak your approach. With news feeds bombarded with thousands of posts every day you need to make sure you are standing out from the crowd.

How can we help?

Our team has extensive experience, setting up social media platforms and managing Social Media on the behalf of an array of businesses both in the B2B and B2C sectors.

Our Social Media services include:

Social Media Strategy – Before getting stuck into Social Media, it is important to ensure that you have the right approach, you are using the right platforms, and you are targeting the right audience with the right messaging. Like any online marketing, it is important to have that strategy in place first.

Social Media Management – Let us take the burden of having to look after multiple channels away from you or a member of your team. Our fully outsourced service will allow us to take over the general management, engagement, and advertising on your Social Media platforms, creating effective campaigns that work for your business.

Social Media Advertising – A great way to reach new audiences, new customers, and new markets. Social Media advertising is a cost effective way to promote your business and your content online. Whether it is included in full management, or you just want help with advertising our team can help.

Whatever help you need, get in touch with our team on 01793 766040 and get targeted traffic to your website quickly.


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Online Marketing Services Delivery

We understand that your goals and online journey will be unique to you and that to succeed you can’t be constrained by a one size fits all service.   We therefore tailor everything to your needs, giving you flexibility to adapt your flight plan as you need which includes the way in which we deliver our services.

Our social media services can be delivered in a number of ways:

Outsourced Services

Our team of digital marketing experts can fully manage all aspect of your digital journey to ensure your reach your destination smoothly.  The majority of our clients work with us on a retained basis to ensure that everything is delivered effectively and consistently day in day out.

With social media this tends to be in the form of social media strategy, management, and advertising but we can create something more bespoke if you need it.

Tailored Training

Our team of digital marketing specialists can train and support your in-house team, enabling them to fly solo in a wide range of online marketing activities giving you a cost effective and sustainable solution.

With social media this tends to be in the form of tailored social media training but we can create something more bespoke for you if you wish.