PPC Set Up & Management


Well constructed and managed Paid Search Campaigns enable your business to fast track your online visibility and get targeted traffic to your online platforms quickly.  Add to this the flexibility to change ad content and selected keywords, the ability to target specific geographic locations and the vast amount of data available make paid search a valuable tool within the marketing mix.

PPC campaigns can work particularly well in a number of scenarios and at various stages of the marketing lifecycle but need to be properly researched and executed in order to ensure that budgets are not wasted.

All Things Web® have been setting up and managing PPC campaigns for clients on platforms such as Google Adwords and more recently Bing as a standalone service or as part of an integrated web marketing strategy.

We take a structured approach which we can prove will get the most out of your PPC advertising campaign.

What can we do as part of the PPC Set Up & Management?


PPC keyword research

to identify which keywords and phrases will provide you with the maximum returns on your investment


Account Organisation

managing the structure of the PPC account into groups based on the relevance and similarities of the researched keywords


Writing Highly Attractive Adverts

to ensure your keywords are used appropriately, with effective calls to action


Landing Page Review

our PPC specialists will review (and amend if necessary) specific landing pages to ensure they have the desired effects on visitors and maximise sales opportunities



our wide experience means we can advise you on realistic budgets


Campaign Review and Amendment

once the campaign is running we review it regularly to ensure it maximises, and continues to stretch, your available budget



we’ll present you with a monthly report detailing the performance of the campaign and making recommendations for the following month

We account to you in full, ensuring you see and understand exactly what you are paying for your advertising and what you are paying for our services. We guarantee you an excellent return on your investment.

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