PPC Review

PPC is the widely used abbreviation for Pay-per-Click advertising, such as Google’s Adwords.

There are a number of potential pitfalls of Pay per Click (PPC) Advertising if it isn’t managed properly. You don’t want to invest time and money into PPC if you don’t see any return on investment because you have fallen into those avoidable pitfalls.

If you think this has happened to you, or you are generally struggling to use Google Adwords to run a PPC Campaign effectively and efficiently, then we can help you. The first step of which will be to conduct a review of your PPC to understand exactly what you are doing, and how we can help.

What do we look at in a PPC Review?


Review your keywords

Review which keywords you are currently targeting


Keyword match types

Matching options can determine when searches can trigger your ads, we will see what you keyword match types are and whether they are set to the optimum match type for your ads


Your Ads

Analyse and review your existing ads


Competitors Ads

Look at your competitors ads to analyse what they are including in ads to determine why they could be performing better


Keyword quality scores

Check the quality score of your keywords as this will estimate the quality of your ads and landing pages for each individual keyword. The higher the better.


Check negative keywords in place

Negative keywords are just as important as regular keywords. We will check these are in place to make sure your ad isn’t showing up for unwanted searches


Audit Ad Relevancy

Review that your ads are relevant for your keywords as well as landing pages


Review CTR performance

Analyse your click-through-rates for you campaigns to see how well you ads are performing


Review cost per click

Review how much you are paying per click on your ad to determine whether this can be improved or whether you are being limited by budget


Bid share

Wll allow us to understand your percentage share on a keyword in comparison with your competitors.

Once we have completed a full review of your Adwords we will come back with a full report detailing our recommended initial first steps to help improve your ad performance and create the better click through rates.

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