What is a website SEO audit?

A detailed website SEO audit is a very effective way to evaluate the current performance of your website in terms of how search engine friendly it is, how well optimised it is, how well it ranks, what technical or structural aspects may be hindering its success. As well as all of this it provides a valuable benchmark against your competitors and provides comparable data to measure your future SEO successes. An SEO audit will enable you to define your online marketing strategy with an understanding of each goal and how it can be achieved.

SEO audits tailored to your needs and business goals

All Things Web conducts website SEO audits as a standalone service and also (importantly) as a regular element of ongoing online marketing. Unlike many other companies we do not offer a free ‘audit’ (which usually simply involves running a website through a free software tool): we believe that the factors involved in organic success can be different for each website, so it is fundamental to online success that the audit is done properly, thoroughly and methodically.

Our SEO audits vary in size and scope, depending largely on the size of your company, numbers of competitors and the depth of information you require.

What each and every one includes, however, is a review of all elements of a website and existing SEO strategy, to identify any gaps, evaluate the results achieved and make recommendations on what should be done next to move forward.

What do you want to achieve with your Online Marketing?

Before we start any SEO audit we review the desired end result. We ask you about your business, the products and services you offer and what you want or need your website to achieve for your business. We discuss who your competitors are and what activity they are doing online. We establish who you are trying to target and review the success of your online marketing initiatives to date.

What do I get in an SEO Audit

The following are the core elements of the audit:

Keyword research and On-page Optimisation

We complete comprehensive keyword research and provide you with a well-honed list of keywords which fit your business sector and your offering. We will then look at how well you are targeting these on your website in terms of your content and on-page optimisation. We will assess title tags and meta descriptions, semantics, internal contextual linking, image optimisation – Getting these aspects right gives you the best possible chance to get your website ranked with the search engines and to drive targeted traffic. We will also check where your site currently ranks for some of these keyphrases.

Technical and Structural

The technical part of the audit is to review your website itself for a range of elements. We use a number of tools and techniques to review the technical structure of your site, including its physical design, usability, speed of page load, duplicated text, and the appropriateness of URLs (uniform resource locator: the text which appears in the browser bar at the top of each page). All these elements contribute to how favourably the search engines view your site. We check the site structure to see if there are any issues that may hinder its ranking performance.

Link Profile

We will assess your current link profile, which means looking at the inbound links you already have coming into your website. Google (and other search engines) look at these links as part of the ranking factor for your website. Google in particular is looking for a wide range of links from different domains (with different domain authorities) to show that you have ‘votes’ from other websites. We can then advise you on the best link building strategy going forward to improve your link profile. We also look at citations, which are mentions of your business or website with an address included, which can be important particularly in a local online strategy.

Competitor research

We will review a number of your competitors (for example, the top three in each of organic and paid searches for your main keyword/phrase). The objective is to understand the keywords they are targeting (organic and paid), their ranking position for each and their link profiles. We will also review their sites for comparison in terms of quality of landing pages, usability and functionality. Take a look at our approach to competitor research in more depth here.

Traffic and Conversions

We request access to your Google Analytics or other statistic information tools to assess traffic and visitor behaviour to your website. Aside from organic traffic, we will look at landing pages and referral traffic, as well as any goals or KPIs you may have. Using this information we identify areas for improvement, strengths and weaknesses such as what attracts or repels your visitors, and any hot spots.

For wider audits we run focus groups to assess the user experience, and take a comprehensive look at how well your site is dovetailing with social media. We also perform website audits which just look at design, art direction, usability and functionality for improving conversion rates.

SEO Audit Report to define your strategy

At the end of our SEO audit we present you with a detailed report of our findings and a clear set of recommendations to improve the visibility, performance and ranking of your website. You can implement these recommendations yourself, or ask us to do so. We work very flexibly with our clients, so sometimes a combination works best for you.

An SEO audit is the start of great online business. Contact us to find out more on 01793 766040.

SEO audit: the benefits

There are many benefits to having a full SEO audit of your website. What is important is knowing your online business goals so that the audit is completely tailored to your needs and situation:

  • Clear understanding of your current position with online search
  • A complete list of technical and structural issues to be addressed
  • Defined positioning against your online competitors
  • Overall strategy devised to achieve your online goals
  • Content planning to ensure clear focus and direction going forward
  • Recognition of where other forms of online marketing may be required whilst SEO takes affect

SEO audit checklist

  1. Review content of the website
  2. Keyword research
  3. Title Tags and Meta Descriptions
  4. Header Tags/semantics
  5. URL Structure
  6. Image and Video Optimisation
  7. Internal Contextual Linking
  8. Provide information on the current link profile
  9. Provide information on current citations for the business
  10. Landing Page Review and Analysis
  11. Technical and Structural Review

How can we help?

Our team has extensive experience, both on the technical side of SEO and on the strategy and implementation side. We work with an array of businesses both in the B2B and B2C sectors.

We can work very flexibly with businesses to ensure they get the SEO audit that they need, rather than the ‘one size fits all’ approach. We will initially have a meeting with you to establish where you want to be in terms of your online goals and how this fits with your overall marketing strategy. Understanding these goals will determine the audit you need

Whatever help you need, get in touch with our team on 01793 766040 and get targeted traffic to your website quickly.

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