Competitor Research and Analysis

Reviewing your competitors’ websites and online activity can keep you up with, and ahead of, your game. Firstly, we will identify your true online competitors, these are the websites that have the ranking positions that you want!

Any aspect of their online strategy can be analysed. From link profile, through to content strategy and social media activity. What keywords are your competitors targeting? What are they ranking well for? This information can all be fed into your own strategy to bolster any weak areas you may have.  More importantly, perhaps, it can identify the weakest points of your competitors’ strategies, showing you where you could focus to make the most effective impact.

What’s Working In Your Niche?

Your competitors may or may not be getting their web marketing right. Understanding what they’re up to, however, and keeping abreast of changes, will help you win more business. Among other benefits this enables you to benchmark your own activity, avoid their mistakes and mirror their successes.

If you want to take things a step further, we can conduct user reviews of your website alongside your competitors’ sites to gain an easy to understand comparison on any aspect of their online presence and how you compare.

Competitor analysis: the benefits

The best way to effectively compete with other experts in your niche is to find out what’s working for them. The main benefits of conducting competitor analysis before a marketing campaign include:

  • Develop a realistic pricing structure based on your competitor rates.
  • Analyse keywords your competitors are targeting, and those that they have missed.
  • Examine your competitors backlink profile to discover opportunities for links to your own website.
  • Get an idea of the content that performs well in your sector.
  • In some circumstances, forming relationships with indirect competitors can hold benefits for both parties.

Competitor Analysis: what to consider

When analysing your competition, here are a couple of key areas that should be considered. In essence, competitor research is carrying out a mini audit on your competitors.


  • Blogging topics.
  • Backlinks.
  • Targeted keywords.
  • Social media activity.
  • PPC activity.
  • Google site speed score.
  • On page content.
  • Offline marketing activities.

How can we Help?

As a stand-alone project or as part of our keyword research and analysis and wider web marketing services, we can help you understand your competitors’ online activity. We can work out what they are trying to rank for and how well they’re achieving it. We can review the functionality, content and navigation of their sites, analyse the quality of their links and advise you what they’re doing well and not so well.

As part of our service to clients, we track rankings of your competitors, enabling you to see on a monthly basis where you are in the SERP’S compared to your closest competitors. Want to Keep track of your competitors online? Call us our Head Office on 01793 766040.

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