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In our previous post on AMP Pages, we touched briefly on how they can be tricky to implement and then be accepted and indexed by Google. Many developers have been struggling to get it right, but an update to the way Google Reports on the issues in Search Console may be of help. Google announced the update to the reports here.

Severity Rating

Google Search Console will now tell you if an issue is ‘critical’ or ‘non-critical’. A critical issue means that the AMP content can’t be indexed by Google and won’t rank in the search results. However, the non-critical issues do not prevent the content from being indexed but just prevent it being enhanced in the search results. Here are the issues now marked with a critical rating:


Here is an example from Search Console showing fluctuations in indexing AMP content:


Also keep a look out for Google changes that will affect your AMP content’s index status:


As you can see in the above, a change was made on the 13th December.

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