Move from HTTP to HTTPSIs there now no excuse to not move your website to HTTPS?

I’ve peridocally advised clients it would be a good idea to move their HTTP websites to HTTPS versions over the years, mostly for their peace of mind and that it would become a de-facto standard online.

That seems it might be the case in the near future.

Word has it that Google’s internet browser, Chrome, is in the running to mark websites ‘Insecure’ that do use HTTP. In my opinion this makes it a leading priority for your website. Chrome is a popular browser and this could affect people visiting your site if they see it marked “insecure”. You could see a downturn in online sales too.

For your peace of mind and for your website visitors security it is time to get serious about moving your site to HTTPS.

The process in theory is quite simple, particularly for smaller sites. The common pitfalls are placing your pages in the HTTPS folder but leaving images on the non https part of the site. This then causes notices in a users browser that your site is using insecure resources on a secure page, again a trust and conversion killer.

If you’re unsure of the requirements then give us a call on 01793 766040 or you can find out more here from Google.