For those who missed the first entry, I am A Night at the RacesAmy – All Things Admin. Based in the Swindon office, I will be taking responsibility for providing administrative support to both All Things Web® and our clients, as well as supporting the team in a few marketing activities. Welcome to my second in a series of blog posts about my time as an Apprentice.

Tutor Time 

Firstly, I’d love to introduce my amazing assessor from Green Labyrinth, Elaine. Unlike usual apprenticeships, I do not attend college at all as my training is completed in-house. Elaine will be coming to visit me a couple of times a month to support me through my work this year on top of assessing my progress. This also gives us a chance to build a rapport and highlight any issues that need addressing.

This month I have been set up on an online portfolio where I can submit all of my work in a variety of ways; screenshots, word documents and powerpoint to name a few. One of the reasons I chose an apprenticeship over further education is for the freedom of completing my own work on my own time, which is exactly what Quals Direct is allowing me to do. As long as I keep up with my percentage bar of course!

Pay Per Clip Clop

Ryan's Great North Race Night with RivendellSpoiler: this paragraph has nothing to do with PPC, it was the name of our horse!

On September 11th, we made our way down to Bristol for a team night out to support one of our valued clients who was holding ‘Ryan’s Great North Race Night’ raising funds for a favourite charity, raising a total of £3000!

Rivendell’s MD Mandy Risso not only hosted an amazing night in respect of a great charity, but she then extended her generosity only two days later by running the Great North Run. This is a Half Marathon and all the donations for the two events combined went to ‘A Life for A Cure’ which raises funds and awareness for Meningitis.

Of course, the dress code was ‘a night at the races’ so everyone looked gorgeous, and the rest were dressed as horses! Our very own horse ‘Pay Per Clip Clop’ made a very respectable second place.

It was amazing to finally meet so many of our clients and suppliers for the first time in such a relaxed atmosphere. I regularly talk to these people so it was really lovely to finally be introduced face to face.

All Things Web® Took us Back to School

Another one of my highlights so far would definitely be one of my first milestones with the team – helping to complete my first marketing campaign. Seeing how everything slotted together with the All Things Webs® back to school campaign was fascinating – from the first spider diagram all the way to the final delivered campaign lasting the entire month.

3 Months In…

I am now 3 months into my 12 month apprenticeship and I am still loving it, in particular being part of a fantastic team and I am learning new things every day. Even though it has only been 3 months I would definitely recommend to both employers and students alike as it has been an incredibly valuable experience already.

I hope you enjoyed finding out more about how I have been getting on, and for those who receive our newsletter, you may have noticed our new section ‘The Apprentice Monthly’. This will be a little feature at the bottom of the newsletter where you’ll be taken straight to my blog about my time as an Apprentice at All Things Web® so keep an eye out for it!