We constantly hear how Google is getting ever-smarter, better at eliminating spam, etc.  We also still hear the old mantra that we can “just make a good site and Google will rank it”.  If these things are true, do we really still need specialists in search marketing?

Well, given that you are reading this on the site of an agency specialising in digital marketing, you will not be in the least surprised that I say you still need us.  Instead, let me show you precisely why.

Let’s start with the latest permutation of “If you build it, they will come”.  If you were building the only website in the world on your topic, then this would doubtless be true.  However, in the real world, you are probably just one of thousands of people that have built a site in your niche or topic area.  You are all competing for the same audience to come.  When anything becomes competitive enough, professional competitors, highly trained, dedicated and specialised, is a natural outcome. 

The exact same condition applies to Google’s ever increasing sophistication.  Yes, Google is getting better and better at eliminating spam, and ranking sites.  But firstly, Google has no interest at all in which of 50 equally good sites is at the top and secondly Google has its own, machine-generated idea of what makes a good site.

It is all well and good that your web designer, or some family member, tells you that they know, or do, SEO.  I’m sure that they do.  They may also play sport.  They may play sport very well.  That doesn’t mean they can take on a highly-trained professional, let alone take on the cream of that particular crop in the premier leagues.

At a top-tier, dedicated agency like All Things Web® we compete at the highest levels of ability, able to take on the best of the best on equal terms.  We stay ahead of the curve, abreast of all the many changes, and constantly training to be game ready and fighting fit.

That is why Search Marketing Agencies are still needed, and more valuable than ever.