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Social media is big business, but it’s one of the most underutilised marketing tools around today. This is usually down to lack of time, lack of experience or lack of understanding as to the effectiveness of social media.

Generating a strong visibility on social media platforms not only gives your brand a stronger online presence, but can act as a powerful sales tool with impressive targeting capabilities which can help generate leads, create relationships with other businesses, drive traffic to your website and contribute towards better rankings for your website.

At All Things Web®, we manage social media profiles for a range of clients in a variety of different industries, utilising both organic and paid methods to help them achieve their goals.

Our tailored social training helps you understand and properly utilise social media for business, allowing you to manage social activity in-house without the need to outsource.

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What Will The Course Involve?

Our Social Media training courses run across a full day (10am – 4pm) at one of our serviced offices in either Bristol or Swindon. We can also arrange training at your own premises if that suits you better. Below is an overview of what is covered across the training course; this is likely to change after an initial phone call or email as we will tailor the training to suit your needs and current level of understanding.

Course Overview

Following an initial phone call with your trainer, we will develop the course based on your current level of skill, your ambitions and your chosen social media platform; we can provide specialist training on the following social media platforms.

Organic Activity 

  • Introduction to Facebook.
  • Anatomy of a Facebook page – ensure yours is set up correctly.
  • Recommended posting frequencies based on what you want to achieve.
  • Engagement with other business / pages.
  • Different levels of access to your business page.
  • Tracking competitors.
  • Measuring post and page insights (reach, engagement, likes, shares etc.)
  • Different types of post – why and when you would use each.
  • Where to find relevant, interesting content to share.

Paid Activity 

  • Basic paid advertising (boosting posts).
  • Facebook Business Manager set up and intro.
  • Advert Account set up and intro.
  • Facebook retargeting pixel set up and intro.
  • Creation of custom audiences to enable for detailed targeting.
  • Paid advertisement creation and targeting.
  • Measuring advertising success.

  • Introduction to Twitter.
  • Anatomy of a Twitter page – ensure yours is set up correctly.
  • Recommended posting frequencies based on what you want to achieve.
  • Engagement with other businesses and pages through mentions, likes and retweets,
  • Proper use of #hashtags.
  • Tools used to find content to share and schedule tweets.
  • Finding and engaging with industry leaders in your field.


  • Introduction to Twitter ads platform.
  • Introduction to Twitter conversion tracking code.
  • Paid advertisement creation based on business objectives.
  • Measuring success through Twitter analytics.

  • Introduction to Instagram.
  • Anatomy of an Instagram page – ensuring you are set up as a business page.
  • Recommended posting frequencies based on what you want to achieve.
  • Types of content suitable to post on Instagram.
  • Integration with Facebook.
  • Engagement with other pages through liking, reposting, mentioning and commenting.
  • Proper use of #hashtags.
  • Tools used to schedule your Instagram activity.
  • Tools used to create stunning Instagram posts.


  • Introduction to advertising on Instagram including photo ads, video ads, carousel ads and sponsored stories.
  • Paid advertisement creation based on business objectives.
  • Integration with Facebook ads manager to create adverts and measure success.
Organic Activity 

  • Introduction to LinkedIn.
  • Anatomy of a LinedkIn page – ensure yours is set up correctly.
  • Recommended posting frequencies based on what you want to achieve.
  • User management.
  • Measuring post and page insights (reach, engagement, likes, shares etc.) through the LinkedIn analytics tool.
  • Where to find relevant, interesting content to share.

Paid Activity 

  • Introduction to the LinkedIn campaign manager tool.
  • Introduction to advertising successfully on LinkedIn.
  • Targeting decision makers through sponsored ‘in-mail’.
  • Correct set up and use of sponsored posts and banner ads.
  • Measuring results of advertisements.

Why Tailored Training?

Our introduction to Social Media course is best suited to those that already have social media profiles set up for their business, but are looking to expand their knowledge in order to be more active on social media, start advertising through social media, generate leads or upskill a member of the team to move social activity in house.

Our training can also be designed to suit those looking to run a one off advertising campaign for a new service, special offer or similar. In these instances, we will tailor the training to your campaign offering beforehand to ensure you are getting the best return on your advertising spend.

There are a number of benefits you receive when you opt for a tailored training course with All Things Web®:

  • Real, workable knowledge on how to run and manage a successful social campaign.
  • Insights into the current performance of your social accounts.
  • Best practice for posting on your social media channels – what not to post, what content works better on each platform.
  • Best practice for running advertisements on your chosen channels, optimising landing pages, writing compelling ad copy and ensuring no budget is wasted.
  • Two weeks telephone and email support to answer any further queries once you get stuck in to managing your social media channels.

We generally cover 3 social media platforms across the full day course, with one chosen platform being covered in the most detail. If you’d like something a little more bespoke – please give us a call on 01793 766 040 to discuss your requirements. 

Why Social Media?

Social Media has grown from something to pass the time, to a very powerful marketing tool. Actively investing time and budget into your social media account can increase your brands visibility, generate leads and drive traffic to your website.


Of shoppers make buying decisions based on social media


Of the UK online population uses Facebook more than once a day


Of all small and medium businesses use some kind of social platform


Of Twitter users visit the website of a small or medium business they follow

Your Social Media Flight Instructors 

On the day, your training will be delivered by one of our Social Media gurus.

Jonny Hodgson

Jonny Hodgson

Account Executive

Amy Burton

Amy Burton

Marketing Assistant

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Other Course Interest

Please note:

For anyone who thinks they ‘know’ Facebook or any other social media platform, they MUST do this course with the team from All things Web® as you will learn things that will allow you to capitalise on Social Media and promote your business far more cost effectively than any paper or leaflet advertising you may have done in the past.

James Pyle

Managing Director, James Pyle and Co.

Our Place Or Yours?

We have two serviced offices where we deliver our training sessions: our Bristol office located very close to Bristol Parkway and our head office in Swindon is perfectly located for clients in the South-West or along the M4 corridor.

We can also arrange to deliver training at your location – please call us to discuss your requirements if this is the case.

What’s Provided

  • Pre-training call to discuss your current skill level / requirements.
  • Pre-training analysis of your current Social Media activity.
  • Notepads and pens.
  • Free on-site parking at both our offices.
  • Lunch.
  • Plenty of tea, coffee and biscuits throughout the day.
  • Follow up notes from your trainer (if applicable).
  • Post training email or telephone support. (subject to reasonable requests)

What You Need To Bring

  • Wi-Fi enabled laptop.
  • Access to relevant social media accounts.
  • Access to Google Analytics account.

Throughout the day, you’ll learn a lot – so please ensure you take notes. If you have questions on particular topics that aren’t covered, we’ll be happy to answer them. Alternatively, let us know before the training and we’ll include it in the syllabus for the day.

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