I am always being asked by businesses large and small about social media marketing and how it can work for their business.  It’s something they’ve been told they need to do, but often struggle to get to grips with what it entails and more importantly how exactly the time and effort involved can benefit their bottom line.

Another area of concern is around what content they should create and how they can make it unique or interesting, particularly in industries or sectors not known for their creativity.  There is usually a competitor that in their opinion is making a hash of it and whilst they don’t want to follow the same path they are not sure how to improve on what they are doing.

At All Things Web we have been advising our clients on social media as part of their wider online marketing activity for the past few years.  In an attempt to help them understand how social media marketing can help improve their online visibility and engagement with current and potential clients, we have created a series of short introductory guides covering the main Social Media channels.

At the recent Women Outside the Box event they proved incredibly popular highlighting the demand for knowledge about the subject.  We have therefore decided to make them available more widely in a fortnightly series.

They are very much intended as a starting point for businesses trying to understand social media in general and specifically to answer the following questions:

  • What social media channels are the right ones for my business?
  • What content should I be posting and how frequently?
  • How can I maximise the functionality of the channel and use it to make my business more visible?

The first in the series is an Introduction to Facebook – a channel that works particularly well for businesses targeting consumers directly.

For more help about how to use Facebook effectively for your business get in touch with the team here at All Things Web.  Whether you need help getting started, working out an effective strategy, some training or full outsourcing we can help.