Taking a Photo through snapchat using a Geofilter for your businessAre you about to launch a brand new product? Perhaps you’re hosting an exciting event? Or maybe it’s simply just your birthday and you want to do something a bit different to mark the occasion?

Well now, Snapchat is giving you the option to easily make your own Geofilter and share your brand with the world.

With a few rules in place, this latest helping hand to market to millennials could truly enhance your brand reach. In fact, let us explain exactly why you should consider creating your own filter, and how you can do it.

What Is A Geofilter?

Previously available to large brands with the budgets of global enterprises, Geofilters are a great way to leave a mark on the social media channel.

Only accessed in specific locations they usually apply to neighbourhoods, landmarks, and special events. You’ll usually find that they’ll honour famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, schools and universities, and social events. But following the release of On-Demand Geofilters they are now easily accessible to use for smaller business events, weddings, and birthdays.

General Guidelines

The latest feature is ideal for smaller businesses and communities where you can design and submit a Geofilter and have it accepted (so long as it conforms to regulations) within one business day. There are however general rules surrounding your usage – whether personal or for business – and varying fees dependant on the purpose, event, and geographical area covered (geofence).

Personal – Doesn’t include any branding, business marks/names, or logos and doesn’t promote a business or brand. You might submit a personal Geofilter to celebrate a birthday or wedding.

Business – Promoting a business or a brand which will need to meet the guidelines detailed below.

However, a general rule of thumb is that Snapchat advises the following when creating your very own filter.

  1. Locality – Snapchat advises you to keep your filters local and avoid any that cover an entire country. They suggest that public spaces, landmarks, venues, or other public spaces where people are likely to send a Snap as the best option.
  2. Originality – Geofilters will need to be 100 per cent original, so ensure that you stay away from using any unlicensed imagery.
  3. Design – Ensure your design exactly fits the relevant parameters to avoid being rejected by the team. We’ve detailed them below.
  4. Visuals – Snapchat says you will need to keep your designs visually interesting and compelling and avoid taking up too much of the screen. Essentially they will need to be subtle enough to enhance the photo but not obstruct it. You’ll also have to bear in mind its use for both night and day.
  5. GeoFence – Ensure that you select the correct and relevant geographical location. Do not select a range that will protrude an area that isn’t relevant.

We’ve heard from a few sources that the Snapchat team are particularly regimented with the rules and reject a host of filters for one reason or another. However, don’t be put off and persist; creating your own Geofilter, especially for business, can be extremely beneficial.

Business Guidelines

As long as you comply with the general submission tips, which detail the file dimensions, sizes, and ratios, pretty much anything goes when creating a Geofilter for a personal event.

However, when creating a filter for your business you’ll need to ensure that you:

  • Have the necessary rights and permissions to include any business names, marks, logos, or trademarks.
  • Include a business name
  • Don’t include phone numbers, emails, URLs, Snapcodes, social media usernames, hashtags.

Being Creative With Your Filter

Digital Marketing Agency All Things Web® created a geofilter on snapchatRanging widely in price, from just $5 to thousands, you’ll need some basic Photoshop or Illustrator skills or someone with experience to assist you.

The platform offers a series of Geofilter Templates (once you’ve signed in) which cover a range of events from weddings and parties to business product launches. So make sure you check them out if you’re a little stuck for ideas.

You will need to bear in mind the following standards when creating you’re filter or your design will likely be rejected by the team:

  • The filter must be 1080px wide x 1920px high with a transparent background (.png)
  • It must be under 300KB in size
  • Snapchat suggests that you only use the top or bottom 25% of the screen so that Snapchat users can still see their original photo behind the filter.

But the most important element is to ensure that it is creative and inspires users to want to use the filter. Check out our example.

Geofilter Success

This is all very well said and done but could this really work as part of your marketing strategy?

Yes, of course. As long as your target demographic are potentially active on Snapchat there’s no reason that your brand couldn’t reach thousands of viewers.

Upon launch of the latest feature, making Geofilters accessible to all, The Hoopsfix All-Star Classic event took advantage. Showcasing the best in British basketball talent, the organisation created their own filter to use during the event.

Choosing to go live the evening before the event, so that the team could show behind the scenes action of the arena, the Geofilter lasted just 25 hours in total. And at a cost of $30 the filter was used 389 times and viewed more than 91,000 times.

The new feature offers some basic reporting on how your Geofilter performed, demonstrating both physical uses and views.

Need Some Help?

If you’re not yet familiar with the app why not check out our Guide to Snapchat and discover exactly what it is and how it works. We even have a blog dedicated to Using Snapchat for Business to help you get started with your digital marketing.

Alternatively, you can contact the team on 01793 766040 for more information regarding all of our Social Media services.