SEO trends word map In the game of SEO it’s always important to stay ahead of your competitors. And as a Digital Agency and SEO specialists this is something we do on a daily basis.

With a number of developments, changes, and Google updates over the last 12 months some will continue to grow, some are fizzling out, and some we haven’t even seen yet.

So, in our latest blog we’ve pulled together a few of our top SEO tasks and activities you’ll need to consider and implement in 2017. Read on for more:


  1. Useful Content – Content that gives us a real insight and a deep understanding of a specific topic without waffling. Have a go at using your Fleisch reading scores to provide concise, clear sentences in a bid to secure higher rankings.
  2. Removing Old Blog Content – Removing content that is no longer relevant will become key in ensuring relevant and up to date content on your site. Whilst evergreen content is important so is pruning out any deadwood that is out of date.
  3. Promoting Blog Content – We see that the use of AdWords to promote blog content will increase in 2017. In fact, we’re already seeing it and as Google are the gatekeepers to traffic, and will most likely increase the number of ad places, it’s going to be important to rank both organically and on a paid basis. Essentially, this could lead more users to move to Bing and Duck Duck Go but it will be only a trickle in the great scheme of things.
  4. Video Content – An increase in videos posted to YouTube Channels (with advanced optimisation for your audio visual sources) has seen Google A.I. develop the ability to focus on the content of the video without any transcription. Therefore, vanilla content will quickly sink into obscurity.

Link Building

  1. Local Directory – Quite simply just getting “local” directory links won’t cut it. You’ll need local established bloggers to help. Useful, established local pages and forums will be a great help to rankings.
  2. Links – Links will make a comeback, especially as Google Penguin can now ignore links that they do not think add any value. Disavowing links will still be a crucial task for those who have backlink profiles that need cleaning up.


  1. Accelerated Pages – There’s a lot of talk in the industry about the rise of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) which is not currently ranking for everything (just news sites and mostly recipes). However, that could change as Google ramps up its expectations of sites to comply as they continue their push for users to move to the mobile world.
  2. Poor User Experience – Delivering a poor mobile experience will see your site punished in the rankings, especially now Google relies on a mobile first index.

Branding & Building Relationships

  1. Personal Branding – It’s all about YOU and the people in your team. Links from social media sites from employee profiles to company profiles will be a huge indicator of trust signals.
  2. Building Relationships – Combined with co-marketing online you should see a greater bang for your buck. So if you’re into office furniture for example you should think snack companies, water cooler firms, and office plant suppliers to help you co-promote each other’s content.

A Few Others…

  1. Keyword Stuffing – Optimising for intent will only increase and keyword stuffing or trying not to use variations of a phrase in a bid to hide stuffing will work less and less.
  2. Loading Times – A web page loading in 4 seconds or more will be considered slow by Google and won’t rank highly unless the content is extremely useful and any others sites possess poor content. If you’ve ignored Google Page Speed until now, it is time to check and make sure your site loads quickly on both desktop and on mobile.
  3. Voice Search – Ensuring rich answers will help you better optimise for Voice (conversational) Search; a concept which users are becoming more used to. In fact, the introduction of products like Amazon Echo and Google home will only increase its common usage.

More Help and Information

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