Matt Cutts in his YouTube SEO Videos

We’ve collated our favourite (and generally most popular) YouTube SEO Videos featuring Google’s Head of Spam Team, Matt Cutts – from Google’s very own Webmaster channel.

How does Google Search Work?


In this video Matt gives answers on how Google ranks evaluates websites and starts with the crawling and analysis of a site, crawling timelines, frequencies, priorities, indexing and filtering processes within the databases etc.

Published on YouTube: 23rd April 2012

Video Duration: 7 minutes 44 seconds

Our Opinion

Extremely insightful look into how Google’s developed its crawling and indexing capabilities – you have heard of Google Update Fritz which enabled Google to crawl the web every day? Well before that they crawled the web every 30 days!

Matt Cutts also mentions proximity, reputation and links in how a page would rank well in Google’s search results, useful information if you’re scratching your head wondering how Google works.


Does Google use the Keywords Meta tag for Ranking Purposes


Matt covers why Google, in its core search, it does NOT use the keywords meta tag as a ranking influence.

Published on YouTube: 21 September 2009

Video Duration: 1 minute 57 seconds

Our Opinion

Seems to use the situation of Alice suing Bob for putting competitors terms in your keywords meta tag.

Matt admits they do not use the Keyword meta tag for ranking purposes and advises not to get frustrated if someone is using one of your terms inside that tag. What he does not say is that if someone is using your terms elsewhere in other meta data where you might look to help put a stop to that, would have been useful.


What to expect from Google in the next few months when it comes to SEO?

Matt discusses in this video what should we expect in the next few months in terms of SEO for Google…


Published on YouTube: 13th May 2013

Video Duration: 7 minutes 23 seconds

Our Opinion

Matt tries to allay people’s fears on when Google will take down SEO and folk will have to bow down and use Adwords to get the traffic they want.

We’re joking. Or are we?

Actually Matt talks about Penguin 2.0 targeting blackhat spammers, combating advertorial that passes PageRank via links, hitting link spammers, an early system that provides better link analysis for Google, results clustering as well as ways for Google to better help Webmasters.


Introducing the Canonical Link Element to Webmasters

An introduction in this SEO video to the Canonical tag from Matt Cutts to better help webmasters (and Google) deal with duplicate content issues


Published on YouTube: 21st February 2009

Video Duration: 20 minutes 27 seconds (one of Matt’s longer ones!)

Our Opinion

Takes 8 minutes 37 seconds to get to the meat of the sandwich, but he then takes the time to simply and clearly explain the benefits of the Canonical Link tag to help resolve duplicate content. Interestingly he admits Google will not abide by the Canonical tag 100% – though it will be treated as a strong hint, not an instruction.

How many 301 Redirects can I have?


Matt’s video covers 301 permanent redirects, why you would use them in your SEO and when to do so. Video also covers chain redirecting.

Published on YouTube: 4th August 2011

Video Duration: 4 minutes 29 seconds

Our Opinion

Useful insight on not chaining 301 redirects though he admits Google will hop across 301 redirect chains (no more than 5 to 6 chain hops), the video mostly covers the basics of 301 permanent redirects.


5 Ways to Effectively Build Organic Links

Matt gives some tips in this video on the best types of ways to attract links to your website.


Published on YouTube: 16th October 2012

Video Duration: 7 minutes 51 seconds

Our Opinion

We were pleasantly surprised by this video on link building, Matt gives some usable ideas on ways to attract links to your site without going down the route of blog comment or forum spamming.


Is it important to have keywords in your Domain name?

Matt discusses the issue over is it worth having a keyword laden domain over a domain thats more brandable (and doesn’t use keywords)


Published on YouTube: 7th March 2011

Video Duration: 3 minutes 3 seconds

Our Opinion

In this video Matt leans towards using a brand in your domain over choosing a domain name with keywords and mentions that Google dampened down the ranking effect. We’d agree with him on this.


Does Google use Social Media for Ranking purposes?

Matt confirms (at that time) they do rely on Facebook and Twitter as a ranking signal.


Published on YouTube: 17th December 2010

Video Duration: 2 minutes 59

Our Opinion

This has now changed, Matt stated in January 2014 they do NOT use Social Signals from Twitter or Facebook to help with rankings – though this may change again in the future:


Google’s Disavow Feature in Webmaster Tools

88,048 views (really, that seems very very few!)

In this video for SEO’s Matt covers Google’s latest feature – Disavow Links – within Google Webmaster Tools.

Published on YouTube: 8th October 2012

Video Duration: 9 minute 19 seconds

Our Opinion

Probably took a while for people to figure out it was Google’s way of getting crowdsourcing in place to figure out the bad links from the good.

Still it’s a useful video guide on how to work on your bad links and get them removed from your backlink profile.

Matt’s keen on advising people that you shouldn’t need to use the Disavow tool unless you have been doing some really aggressive link building across weird networks.

It is also mentioned that it you should Get an Audit of your Backlinks – if this is something you need then let us know.

Will SEO be dead in 5 years time??

Coincidently 5 years ago this month Matt gives his insight in this video into “Will SEO still be alive in 5 years time?”


Published on YouTube: 8th March 2009

Video Duration: 1 minute 55 seconds

Our Opinion

Pretty timely, 5 years on and SEO is still here… yes Google moved the goal posts in a bid to encourage companies to go down the Adwords route and make the SEO industry mature (aka grow up) but people still want their websites found organically and not just via PPC.

Nice to see Matt states SEO is not spam and advises that Google offers a 3 page SEO starter guide so they don’t think SEO is bad. I wonder how much his opinion has changed since then?


So which one of Matt Cutts SEO videos do you think is most influential??

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