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So Instagram Video was released to the masses last Thursday June 20th to much fanfare and within 24 hours it had been announced that over 5 million videos had been uploaded. At one point 40 hours of IG video footage was being uploaded EVERY minute, but that’s not surprising considering Instagram has over 130 million users. With that many active users your Instagram videos are going to have to be good to stand out from the crowd!

Our MD – Darren Moloney – is a big fan of photography and openly admits to being an IG addict with over 1250 Instagrams and almost a 1000 followers of his own so he has given us some tips on how Instagram Videos can help market your business online.

Check out Darren’s Instagram profile (and IG Photos) here:

Now check out 10 quick tips for creating Instagram Videos that will make your company stand out on Instagram!

Promote your brand

Get your company marketing material together and promote them in your Instagram video – move them around, zoom in and out, just ensure more eyeballs on your brand – don’t do too many videos of self promotion otherwise folk might get a tad bored.

Be social

You have a life outside of work so be prepared to be social, use IG Video to capture glorious sunsets, hilltop views or the panorama from your office, if you’re lucky enough to be on the top floor of a skyscraper!

Be fun and playful

Your videos for Instagram don’t have to be hilariously funny, if they make just one person smile (even if it’s your mom) then you’ve done your job. 🙂

Be REALLY informative

You have 15 seconds of filming with IG video (unlike Twitter’s Vine with 6 seconds) so go ahead and create some educational videos with voice-over too. Plan what you want to say before you film so you make the most of your time on video.

Film your local area

Take an IG user on a quick tour of the vicinity around your office – you could even use it to create detailed instructions to actually finding your company in the real world (very useful if your premises are hard to find!)

Film the local area around you!

Be cute, real cute…

Got a pet that comes to the workplace? Don’t be afraid to show them “at work” – the cuter they are the more popular your video will be (especially if you hashtag your Instagram video #cute).

Make a series of IG Videos about your company and its products or services.

Nothing like enticing people to come back to your brand when they know you are putting out a series – so make sure people know from watching your videos to come back for more!

Include calls to action

If you want people to check out your website then give it out loud during the video. If you don’t like the sound of your “recorded” voice then snapshot your business card with a “Call Me” at the end of your
video & don’t forget your phone number!

Don’t Waste time trying to Create an Infinite Loop

It would seem that videos stop automatically on Instagram Video (unlike Twitter Vine which allows infinite looping videos).

Not Every Instagram Video you create has to be 15 Seconds

If you can get your message across faster, say in 8 to 10 seconds then go with that, remember you’re not compelled to use all of the 15 seconds recording time so make it faster and easier for fans to consume your video content.

Once you’ve got your Instagram Videos loaded, you can start to post them (manually) onto your blog or website with this detailed set of instructions from Mashable:

How to embed your Instagram Video

Finally with that task completed you’ll then want to go and post the news about your new Instagram Video on your Facebook Company pages, LinkedIn or Twitter. We’d love to see your creative IG Videos promoting your business so leave a comment below on how you get on!