Do you know when the first GIF was made? You might have taken a guess at some time during the 2000’s, whereas in actual fact CompuServe introduced the GIF in 1987. However, it wasn’t the well-known animated form that has taken over Social Media today.

Over the past few years animated GIFs have really surged, creating short but fantastic animations which can be used on Social Media, Email Marketing, Blog posts and many other areas of your Digital Marketing.

The one area of Digital Marketing that I want to focus on though is Email Marketing. Due to the lack of support by email clients, such as Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo etc., it is difficult to incorporate video into your emails. However GIFs provide a fantastic and simple solution to adding moving images to your emails.

My blog post will introduce some great tools for creating GIFs yourself and most importantly ways to use them in your Email Marketing and why it will be beneficial.

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How to Create a GIF?

Until recently I didn’t have a clue how to make a GIF, but in actual fact it is a very simple process. There are a number of online and mobile tools I have found, quickly got to grips with, and regularly use now.

Starting off, one of the easiest online tools to use is Giphy. Giphy will allow you to create GIFs from both online videos and a series of photos. Simple to use, here is an example I created using a series of images.

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 If you want more flexibility when creating GIFs then Photoshop can also be used, however you will need a lot more technical know-how when using Photoshop. If you want to quickly create a suitable GIF then online or mobile software is the way to go.

Speaking of mobile, the tool I use the most at the moment to create GIFs is GifMe. An easy to use app for Android phones; it allows me to create GIFS there and then, including this one I created of Helen conducting our very first Seminar:

All Things Web's Helen Moloney running a Seminar

If your business uses Instagram a great app to download is Boomerang. Again it is an easy to use app and automatically integrates with the Instagram app. Boomerang can be found here when uploading GIFs to Instagram:

Using instagram

 Of course when it comes to online and mobile app tools, the list can go on and on but these are some of my recommended ones.

Uses of GIFs in Email Marketing

So why should you use GIFs in your Email Marketing?

Images, videos and GIFs are must have items if you want to improve user engagement with Emails, Social Media, Blog Posts, and much more. Just like how I have used GIFs and imagery throughout this blog post to provide a visual representation of the topics I have discussed; the same thing goes with Email Marketing. Any imagery visually describes what a reader can find out more about if they read the text or follow a link to a blog post or website.

In other words, GIFs, videos and any other imagery are key to helping to improve engagement with emails, so why not start using them more, there are plenty of ways you can use GIFs for your business including:

Animate Data – Let’s be honest lots of data can be boring, so what a great way to make it interesting by animating it

Brand Personality – Help prospects and customers connect with your business and brand more using GIFs as they are a great way to demonstrate your personality

Show off a product – Great if you want to show people your product in action, or want to attract attention to it

Explain a process or how to – Instead of just using a simple step by step list, which sometimes can still be misleading, show a clear demonstration of how to work a product or do something

Thank you – GIFs can add an extra personal touch which people will like

Advert – Yes a picture ad is still great but you can take it to the next level using a GIF as long as it is still clear and concise what you’re promoting

Sneak Peek – Want to build up interest in an upcoming product, service or event launch, or maybe you have some exciting news. Well use a GIF to give people a little preview.

Have a Go

Making and using GIFs in your marketing is so much easier than you can imagine, so why not have a go? They are fun to create and will add that extra touch to your Email Marketing in the same way an image would.

If you need additional help with your Email Marketing then contact our team today to find out more about our outsourced service or Email Marketing training.