Indeed a good question you might ask.

Google Webmaster Tools Rebranded to Google Search ConsoleIt has been called Google Webmaster Tools for roughly 10 years now (though in our office it was abbreviated to just “Dubya-T”) and to many outside the industry it seemed a tool for those geeky, bearded types who look after websites and like to “peek under the hood” a lot.

Google believes that by changing its name to Google Search Console it makes it more approachable and usable as tool to anyone who cares about their search marketing, not just those beardy webmasters.

What SEO’s think of the change to “Search Console”….

It would seem that many SEO’s aren’t bothered by the name change instead they would prefer Google Webmaster Tools, we mean Search Console (we’re still getting used to this new name), to be more accurate. There is a lot of ambiguity between traffic figures on the tool when compared to Google Analytics.

At the end of the day if the change helps everyone across the marketing arena feel more likely to engage with the tool and use the data it provides then that’s a great step forward.  It is also giving back more data around search phrases with click and impression data being recorded which can only benefit all (if only for the past 90 days – you’ll have to download it to keep it for longer periods).

Our forecast: Google will further embed Search Console into Google Analytics to create one single platform for marketers and website owners to use.

One thing to note is that at the time of writing Google has not yet changed the web address to reflect the rebrand, so for now you need to keep the old name front of mind.  Check it out below

and here:

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