Some of you might not know that Google+, the search giant’s copycat attempt at offering a social media platform, turned 5 recently. According to one of Google’s engineers, Ivan Yudhi, G+’ birthday is stated as being on June 2011 on Wikipedia. See his post here:

I’m not sure that many users will be celebrating its birthday, as let’s be honest it was only ever a half decent effort and never took hold in the social media space compared to the likes of Facebook and LinkedIn. Ivan mentioned Google+ is still heavily used by photographers due to its ability to allow folk to upload high res pictures (a great thing), but ask yourself when was the last time you used Google+?

It seems many outside of web marketing – and even a good few in our industry – just do not see the attraction of Google+ and likely leaving their G+ accounts to gather dust.

I wonder what Google+ will look like on its 6th birthday?