Commenting on Blogs

A lot of SEO activity is looking for more juicy link building opportunities and one great way to do this is to identify and gain relevant links via comments you leave on niche, well written blogs – the holy grail being “do follow” comment inks though these are increasingly rare due to abuse from link spammers. Commonly once a blog is found to be passing link juice it usually get spammed to death by link spammers. Not surprisingly many blog owners are rather picky at what is left as a valid comment – especially if a link has been set on a keyword rich user name which is linking (conveniently ahem) to an exact match domain.

Unfortunately this also means it’s proving harder to have your genuinely valid comments approved so here’s a way that can work for you!

When looking to get your links accepted in a blog comment it’s the small things that count… and what I mean is carefully read the author’s blog post and using one or two of the following:

  • How…
  • What…
  • Why…
  • Where…
  • Which
  • When…

ask an open ended question that should work to generate a further response from others (and of course allows the blog owner to better show off their own expertise to a potentially wider audience).

Avoid the urge to only post generic comments complimenting the blog post or just agreeing in a buttered up attempt to get your post approved – we get dozens of these types of blog comments here almost everyday and we never post a single one… if the link spammers built up a few comments without links and asked a couple of relevant questions allowing me to respond its likely when they come to dropping in a link down the line then I’ll be much more happier to let it slide i.e. you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours!

Another way is to find a blog in your field and link through using your company name rather than forcing in “Blue Widgets” as the username – this a preferred way to start getting oher people’s attention in your brand, especially useful for smaller companies starting out online.

One of my preferred ways for comments is to look for blogs that predominantly use photographs as blog content, carefully assess the content of the photo and ask questions on the smaller detail in the subject matter – here’s a typical example you could ask about the photo above:

  • Where does that track head to?
  • How did you get the lighting looking so good?
  • What type of camera did you use?
  • Where exactly was the photo taken?
  • What animal is that in the image? (its actually Rex my retriever)

By looking into the photo rather than just looking at it I can quickly ask a few pertinent questions that would display to the blog owner I have spent time looking at their content and compel them to answer – allowing me to comment again… in a non spammy way….

Finally once you have your blog comments accepted it wouldn’t hurt to find out if the blog owner uses twitter – so that you can retweet their content to your social media sphere or email them directly to see if they might accept a relevant, recent guest post… its all a matter of building up trust over time, but carried out this way will likely see more of your blog comments accepted.

Let me know how you get on!