Trainer helping apprenticrAnother busy month here at All Things Web® with new faces, new clients, and a new biscuit jar! I’m Amy – All Things Admin! Based in the Swindon Office, I’ll be helping to ensure that everything is running smoothly, and will be the first point of contact providing administrative support for our clients and suppliers.

As part of my role, I will be assisting client managers by taking over all of the administration for our clients as well as maintaining our day-to-day business conduct including invoicing, processing expenses, managing diaries and organising meetings. As the company’s first apprentice, we are excited to see what benefits it has to offer to both myself and All Things Web®.

“Some people tap their feet, some people snap their fingers and some people sway back and forth. I just sort of do ‘em all together” – Did you know Elvis Presley was an apprentice too? Uhhh huh!

Journey to All Things Web®

Admittedly, I was sceptical when applying for apprenticeships but it certainly didn’t take long for All Things Web® to change my mind! Determined to kick start my career, I was set on getting myself into the work place but being under 18, I wasn’t quite ready to leave education just yet which is why an apprenticeship is perfect for me.

My next hurdle was that I didn’t actually know anything about apprenticeships. Based on that fact, I decided a field trip was needed. I attended an event called Swindon Job Fest where I could meet potential employers, but more importantly, gain as much information as I could. After spending a lot of time talking to Green Labyrinth, they continued to give me ongoing support during my last month of exams whilst assisting me in finding my ideal apprenticeship.

Starting up

Being thrown from a part time retail job to a specialist Digital Marketing company was a bit of a jump to say the least – but the whole team have been so welcoming, encouraging, and particularly accepting of my lopsided writing all over the white board!

I have always been fascinated by marketing, but this past month has confirmed that this is definitely the career path I want to take. Not only have I expanded my knowledge beyond what I expected, but my confidence has been totally revamped too! With polished up customer service skills and continuous understanding of my industry, I am extremely eager to see what the following months hold for me!

My time here so far

The industrial estate maze has been solved, the coded doors have been cracked, the new software has been conquered and I am a champion at coffee making!

One of the key aspects of my role has been organisation not only for myself, but for the team, clients, and the business. The first month has been mostly learning the business in the general sense; getting to understand Google Analytics, SEO, WordPress, the client paper work and lots more. This month has all been about settling in, but I’m now excited to meet my apprenticeship assessor to agree my course modules and how the work I do here day to day will fit in with and work around my coursework!

After a month of being here, my computer monitor has proudly attained a mane of ‘how to’ post it’s and questions are still constantly soaring across the office, but I am having a fantastic time. Everything I am learning is truly captivating and I’m utterly inspired by the team here at All Things Web®.

As part of my role I will be producing a monthly blog about my experiences and journey as an apprentice, so keep your eyes open to see how I am getting on.