Office fun team photo using snapchatWith more than 100 million daily users there is certainly no doubt concerning the popularity of Snapchat.

But have you considered stepping away from the “selfie” and using it for business and brand building purposes?

With many global brands stepping into the immersive world of live stories, we’ve outlined the basics of Snapchat marketing. Find out how you can leverage its potential below in the second part of our guide to Snapchat.

The Power of Snapchat

Worth approximately $10 billion the app has more than 100 million active users who send and receive 7 billion videos. In comparison Facebook currently sees 8 million video views from its 1.55 billion users; clearly Snapchat is doing something right. In fact, take a look at just a handful of statistics below which demonstrate its power:

  • With more users than LinkedIn and Pinterest, the real-time messaging app grew as much in one year as Twitter did in four. From May 2012 to April 2013 the number of snaps sent per day grew from 6 million to 150 million.
  • Cosmopolitan averages 3 million viewers a day on Snapchat Discover demonstrating the vast possibilities.
  • iHeartRadio, a digital music brand, generated approximately 340 million impressions on the app during its two-day music festival in September 2015.
  • At 500 million Snapchat stories per day – and calculated at an average of 10 seconds each – it would take over 158 years to watch an entire day of Snapchat stories.
  • Users spend an average of 25-30 minutes each day on Snapchat

Understand The Psychology Behind The App

With its roots as a messaging service the app activates the reciprocation rule; a social psychology which refers to our need to respond to a positive action with another positive action.

The real-time view of other people’s lives –whether friends or brands – means that the app is built on a sense of urgency. People will return time and time again to ensure that they aren’t missing out on this live stream of content that could disappear at any time. This fast paced app certainly channels our fast paced world.

The basic needs of the app has a hook comprising of a trigger, action, reward, and investment, and should certainly be something that businesses of all sizes can utilise.

  1. Internal Trigger – The fear of losing the moment comes over the user and they rush to quickly snap it.
  2. Action – Simply open the app and snap with just one tap of the finger.
  3. Variable Reward – How does it look? Did you capture the moment? How should you modify this? This is the point when users choose filters, text, images, doodles or emoji’s.
  4. Investment – Sending your snap to another user will effectively load the next trigger and store value when new contacts are added.
  5. External Trigger – Replying to a snap sends a new notification and activates the rule of reciprocity and the HOOK cycle continues.

How To Utilise Snapchat for Your Company

Continuing to evolve, challenge and experiment, the social network has a huge potential for businesses who can utilise geo-filters, live stories, discover channels, and sponsored filters.

Business’ who have already jumped on board have recognised our increasing need to access information instantly. With this in mind, Snapchat provides you with the opportunity of an immersive video experience which due to its limited time frame often becomes a more honest, more fun, and carefree form of communication.

When using Snapchat bear in mind its core users. These are typically under the age of 34 (71%) although stereotypes are being broken and older audiences are increasingly embracing – albeit a little behind – the network. Brands are using the platform to produce daily stories that engage and excite audiences often with a string of snaps to create a video narrative.

Whilst you may not make it onto Snapchat Discover just yet (you’d be competing against the likes of Sky Sports, Comedy Central and The Sun) smaller businesses can certainly take advantage and strengthen their brand, increase community engagement and raise brand awareness. Take a look at just a handful of ways you can utilise the app below:

Provide Access to Live Events

As a real time social media platform that rivals the more limited nature of twitter you can provide your audience direct access to live events, which they are unlikely to otherwise experience.

From product launches and trade shows to one off events such as galas and award ceremonies you are able to provide an authentic view of exactly what is going on.

Sneak Peak of Private Content

People love to be nosey. And Snapchat is a great place to be if you want access to otherwise private content. Fashion brands such as Michael Kors have used the app to debut their collections to followers before they even hit the runway providing a sense of exclusivity.

Exclusive Content & Promotions

Provide your followers with exclusive promotions that get them engaging and actively participating with you and your business. Take “16 Handles” as an example. The New York based frozen yogurt chain asked its fans to snap a picture of themselves at one of their locations and in return they would receive a snap with an exclusive promotional voucher.

Another great example comes from Heineken. At last years world-renowned Coachella festival the beer brand sent cropped snaps to its followers as clues to surprise shows at the festival. Users who responded with the right band or artist got an early confirmation of an act scheduled for the Heineken House (their sponsored stage). It worked because of one of the most important factors in relation to Snapchat marketing; exclusive content.

Go Behind the Scenes

Tease followers again with a sneak peek into your operations by going behind the scenes and provide engaging content to your community. People love to find out the daily activities of the companies and people they care about.

Snapchat was recently utilised as Zoolander 2 was set to be released where Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson reprised their roles for Fashion Week in Paris in the run up to the premier. They even had a “blue steel” geofilter. Then at the premier itself users saw the red carpet, behind the scenes and watched exclusive content as the actors reprised their roles  as Derek and Hansel. This content, again, took advantage of the  exclusivity that users seem to demand on the app.


The most successful Snapchat campaigns don’t rely solely on the app alone but will leverage other channels to tell a more complete story.

So ensure that you are also visible across other visual/video based networks such as Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

Need More Help?

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