Since joining the All Things Web team nearly 7 months ago – where has the time gone? – I have fast become an extreme blogger, writing more than a handful each week. To be perfectly honest I quite enjoy blogging, after all I’m learning things I never thought I would and  I am now an expert on everything from windows to wine. Go on ask me anything…

Besides discovering all these interesting facts, I have learnt a few blogging disciplines in the past few months Why Should You Be Blogging?which I would like to share with you here.

Why Should Your Business Be Blogging?

In case you weren’t already aware blogging is the act of creating content related to your business which not only highlights your services or products but gives you the opportunity to engage with your audience on a personal level.

Setting up a blog is a relatively straightforward and cost effective solution to communicate with both existing and potential customers and is an essential addition to your marketing strategy. Blogging can enable you to establish yourself as an expert in your field through sharing relevant information and raising awareness of your services/products and any issues surrounding these.

Posting great content via a blog will also help drive traffic to your website, especially as it likely consists of an abundance of pages that don’t often get updated. Every blog post you create is another indexed page on your website and therefore another opportunity for you to show up in search engines thus driving traffic to your website through organic search.

Once you drive traffic to your site you have the opportunity to convert leads. So don’t forget that you should be sharing this content via social media too, strengthening your social reach with your blog content – you’ll find this on our Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages.

1.Content Is King…

Content is King

…Or is it? I often come across this phrase, overused by many. To a large extent I agree, of course great content is key to successful blogging. Creating poorly written and un-engaging content is a sure fire way to ensure that your audience Will Not come back for more. You must make sure that your blog posts are relevant, whilst engaging and informative.

But you should also note that content is not purely everything. Your effort of researching, planning, writing, and re-writing won’t count for anything if you don’t put in the leg work to ensure it is right in front of people.

2.It Is Not About Quantity

Choosing quality over quantity is generally the case for most things and it is no different when blogging. Many bloggers believe that chucking out as much content as you can is the right way to go.

Well, they are wrong.

Not only does this play havoc on your schedules and to-do lists but writing about your product everyday will start to feel dull, and this will reflect in your work. Blogging can actually be fun! Well thought out, quality blogs will get a much better response than those which are meaningless posts to fill each day. Your audience are likely to respond better to relevant content that benefits them in some way rather than being spammed by your business. Doing so will ultimately destroy your ‘reader bond’ as it’s unlikely that your audience will read everything you write, particularly as most only look every few days.

3.Finding Inspiration

Quite simply, you’ll never find inspiration looking at your computer screen. No matter how long you sit there willing for a muse the general rule is that you won’t find one. Your best bet is to push it to one side and do something else. Whether that is another job on your to-do list, or going out for lunch, inspiration is more likely to hit when you take a step back from the project.Find Inspiration Away From Your Desk

There have been many times when I’m struggling to think of an interesting topic or a particular way to approach that week’s blog only for ideas to strike as I’m biting into my Friday doughnut, walking round the Co-op or out for dinner on a Saturday night. If inspiration does strike you in the unlikeliest of places try and make a note of your idea somewhere, either on your phone or a notepad to avoid forgetting it.

4.Find The Right Balance

Writing a blog should never be about purely selling a product or service. On the whole people aren’t interested in a hard sell, instead they will respond better to a blog that both informs and engages. It is important to steer away from purely selling and combine these methods subtly together.

Try to think outside the box. Just because you are selling office furniture it doesn’t mean you are limited to only discussing desks and chairs. For example think more along the lines of what happens in an office, how to improve your working day, or the office environment in general.

5.Don’t Forget Design

There is a reason that social media platforms are gravitating towards visual based outlets such as Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest; people respond well to images.

This doesn’t mean you need to source world glass graphics or award winning photography for your blog, far from it, but by ensuring that there’s a steady amount of quality visuals you can inspire you audience to persevere with your content.

Similarly, readers don’t want long unbroken paragraphs of text, whether on your main blog page or individuals posts; it’s just not appealing in any way. As well as the aforementioned images you should use sub headings to create distinguishable chunks to read so your audience can find relevant sections with ease. It is also a great idea to use bullet points or create lists – just look at Buzz Feed, that’s all they do – making a sometimes dull piece not only easier to read but more enjoyable.

Ensure that you not only focus on great design but user experience too encouraging your audience to come back time and time again. Don’t forget that a well laid out blog in terms of organisation is also key. You need to make a conscious effort to help your audience navigate their way around your blog with ease, so ensure it is laid out logically and consistently.

More Help and Advice

If you don’t have the time or resources to write fantastic blog content then give us a call on 01793 766040 and speak to one of our experienced team about our blogging services.