Toni at All Things Web head in hands with bloggers block

Blogger Block Selfie!

Content, content and more content! This is what you are told by your web marketing company time and time again! Produce at least one blog a week with quality content! Create more pages!

“Yes, yes”, I hear you cry, “that is all very well but I’m stuck for things to write about!”

Well, yes I can sympathise with you – we all suffer from bloggers block at some time or other. It can be particularly difficult if you operate within a very niche market where it seems there are only a few topics that can be covered. Here are my top ten tips to get the creative juices flowing again:


1. Trending Topics

Look to see what relevant topics are being talked about on the social media platforms. Over the last few weeks of course it has been very football orientated. Look at what is trending on Twitter and think about how it may be leveraged for your business. There are a number of good tools out there to help you research this. For example, I have just used to see what topics are trending in Bristol and can clearly see the momentum building for the Bristol Habourside Festival coming up this weekend.

2. Relevant News

Use the Google News search to look for stories that are relevant to your sector or to your target audience. You can then write a fresh blog, referencing the news piece, but with a new angle or opinion on it.

3. Lists

Create blog posts around lists (like I have), it’s one of the easiest ways to write a post, especially if you know the needs of your audience. These types of posts are also very readable and shareable. Posts with content like;

‘The Top Ten ways to….’

’7 Reasons why….’

‘5 Favourite mistakes that….’.

These lists can even develop into a series of posts which then has your blog mapped out for a month or two.

4. Images

Create a post entirely made of images. These need to be optimised images of course and they do need to have some common theme. They can be serious, funny or quirky. Check copyright of any images you ‘borrow’!

5. Humorous

See the funny side sometimes, make someone chuckle. Is there a funny or quirky side to something relating to your business? Something that will tickle your audience? If you do it just right, and it is targeted to your sector you could get a lot more views and shares for a short, clever and humorous observation.

6. Other bloggers

Read what other bloggers are talking about in your sector, something you read on their blog may inspire a tangent topic you’d never thought of. Don’t rip other bloggers off, if you want to use part of their post then be sure to link back to them and credit them. Commenting and engaging with other bloggers is always a good idea.

7. Interviews

Is there someone you can interview to create a blog post? An industry expert? Or even one of your own members of staff or a customer maybe? This will provide interesting content for your audience with a new voice for the post giving variety.

8. Reviews

An obvious one for ecommerce sites – review and compare some products to give your viewers informative detail about your offerings. Aside from actual products, you can review anything that might be relevant to your audience – a service, an experience, a TV programme, a podcast or a live show.

9. Video

Make a video! For most businesses there will be something visual that you can do to make a video to help or entertain your readers. It could be as simple as showing a step by step guide to making something or going through a process or some sort online. A video will give your blog another dimension – not only from a search perspective but aesthetically too. Some people prefer to watch a video than read a load of text.

10. Competition

Start a competition to get your audience involved. Ask your customers to send in pictures of their purchased product in situ. Or ask them to write their opinions on something. You can then grow the blog post as the content comes in

Bonus Tip!. Share a mistake

Not only does this make you human, but it may help someone else not to do the same thing. Be careful what mistake you share though! You still want to maintain your dignity and keep the respect you have gained as an expert in your industry.

Share your blogging tips with us…