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Raising your online profile through social media

The growing popularity of social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook as a way to communicate, socialise and network with both new and existing customers means that businesses are looking to include them within their online marketing strategy. More and more businesses are using these channels to build their brand, gain more PR and ultimately sell more of what they have to offer.

It seems that everywhere you look you are being asked to sign up to a blog, follow someone on Twitter, be a friend via Facebook or connect on Linkedin. With such a wide choice of social media channels available the problem facing many businesses, particularly the smaller ones, is knowing which ones to choose and how to use them effectively.

Either as part of our Search Engine Marketing Consultancy or as a stand-alone service we can provide the right advice and support on selecting the social media channels to suit your business, creating a profile and including social media within an integrated online Marketing Strategy.

When it comes to Social Media the following are some of the Key Questions your business needs to answer:

If you are considering whether you and your business should use Social Media and need help on answering these questions then contact us today on 01793 766040.

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