Paid Search

PPC (pay per click) campaign management services

Pay per click (PPC) advertising can play a valuable role in your overall web marketing strategy.  It gives your business immediate online visibility and the potential for targeted traffic to your website.

The principal type of PPC advertising involves paying to have a text advert which appears on the results page when a chosen search term is used (instead of relying on it appearing in what’s known as organic searches).  It is free to set up a campaign, you only pay when a user clicks through to your website – essentially buying in your traffic.

More traditional-looking, graphic advertisements which appear when reviewing selected websites also often work on a PPC basis (although they are sometimes charged on a time basis, which means you are not paying by result).

PPC campaigns are a quick and cost effective way to bring targeted traffic to your website. By far, the leading PPC system is Google Adwords but all search engines offer a similar service.

PPC advertising: the benefits

A well structured and managed PPC Campaign:

  • allows you to reach potential customers quickly when they are searching for your products and services online
  • is eminently scalable and flexible – ramp it up or down at very short notice
  • allows you to easily test a new website or market
  • brings targeted visitors directly to your website, even straight to a specific page
  • enables you to test and measure your advertising results and make changes quickly to maximise conversion rates
  • is easy to budget for. You can specify your budget and you only pay when people click on your ad*

*Don’t be afraid that PPC will run away with your money! It is extremely controllable and you can set daily, weekly or monthly limits.

PPC advertising: potential pitfalls to avoid

Poorly-managed PPC campaigns can result in:

  • bidding wars between website owners that make costs prohibitive
  • low click-through rates due to poorly-written adverts
  • wasted budget on non-targeted traffic by using sub-optimal keywords (for example ones which are too generic)
  • badly-designed or poorly-written landing pages not converting visitors into buyers
  • time spent managing your campaign instead of running your business

How can we help?

We have been setting up and managing PPC campaigns for clients with great results for many years.  Whether you are looking at using Google Adwords or a similar PPC Campaign to drive traffic to your website for the first time or have an existing campaign you don’t think is working well we can help.

Get in touch to our team on 01793 766040 and get targted traffic to your website quickly.