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In-depth Website SEO Audits

Whether starting a relationship with a new SEO company or simply wanting someone to review the quality of the SEO work completed to date (whether internally or by an external provider) a detailed SEO Audit is an effective way to evaluate the current position of a website.

Our comprehensive SEO Website Audit is designed to review all elements of a website and existing SEO Strategy in order to identify any gaps, evaluate the results achieved and make recommendations on what should be done next to move forward.

An Audit is also a great tool to use at regular intervals throughout a long standing SEO campaign as part of the overall measurement of Key Performance Indicators and to give everyone the opportunity to stand back and review the position over the period.

As the first stage of any new client relationship we complete an audit of their website and previous SEO activity. We complete the audit using results and information gained from a number of sources depending on the nature of the site and the services they are looking for:

Complete our Online Marketing Questionnaire

We ask you to complete a few simple questions on our Online Marketing Questionnaire which we have developed over the years to help us understand your business and provide the right solutions. The questionnaire covers 5 main areas:

Keyword Research

We complete Keyword Research and provide you with a list of 50 Keywords to target across your website recommended on the basis of not only number of searches but also competing websites to give you the best chance possible to get your website ranked with the search engines.

Competitor Research

We will review 6 competitors (top three in both organic and paid search for your main keyword) and provide you within formation on the keywords they are targeting, their ranking position for each and also the number of links they have on their website. We will also look at their site and let you know what, in our opinion, they are doing right on their website.

Website Statistics

We ask for access to your Google Anlaytics or other statistical information from your website so that we can review your traffic and visitor behaviour to identify any areas of improvement and help you get the most from the visitors you receive.

Review of Site

We run your site through a number of tools to look at the structure, design, usability and current ranking of your website to see if any changes are required to help you build a better online presence.

We also check to see what, if any keywords your site is already ranking for, the number of pages of your website that are already indexed with the search engines plus the number of links to your website.

At the end of the SEO Audit you are provided with a detailed report of our findings along with a list of recommendations for you action to improve the visibility, performance and ranking of your website.

Consider it a checklist of things to action in order to improve your websites ability to be ranked highly with the search engines. You can then take away the list or keep us on to help provide a cost effective solution.

Contact us to find out more about getting a detailed SEO Audit for your website.