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Why SME’s should consider Retargeting Ads as part of the overall Marketing Mix

A recent marketing survey highlighted that 74% of marketers see an uplift in their search campaigns when adding retargeting of ads into the mix. For many SME’s however, retargeting isn’t something they are either aware of or even considered when looking at their online marketing.

In this brief overview we explain what retargeting it, the benefits to SME businesses as part of their marketing strategy and provide a few pointers on things to consider to help create re-targeting ad campaigns that work.

What is retargeting?

Ad retargeting enables a business to selectively advertise online to people who have already visited their website with a message specifically tailored to the type of interest they have shown.

It enables them to keep their brand top of mind long after the visitor has left the website as well as encourage them to re-visit, when they are more likely to make a purchase or enquiry.

Research shows that re-targeting is fast becoming a popular element within the marketing mix, particularly across platforms, and giving similar results to email marketing when utilised as part of an overall marketing campaign.

Ad Retargeting

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Top 5 Functionality Tools to Use on Facebook

Top 5 Facebook Features You Should Be Using Did you know that 92% of marketers take advantage of Facebook advertising? And it’s certainly not going to change any time soon.

The best way to reach your Facebook audience and be seen on people’s news feed it to tap into the power of Facebook advertising. In fact Facebook recently revealed that 2 million small to medium sized businesses currently advertise on Facebook. But the real question is whether you are harnessing Facebook’s functionality tools and making the most of their latest features?

Take a look below and discover some of our favourite functionality tools available on Facebook:

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10 of the most Original, Creative 404 Pages you’ll ever see

Before we start to show you the best and most creative 404 Error Pages we can find, first let’s explain what a 404 error is:

When a visitor reaches your site via a link from another site but finds that the page no longer exists then they should be directed to a custom 404 page that explains the page cannot be found, you can then offer them to look at other sections on your site to keep them engaged as a visitor.

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Google: Make your Contact/Enquiry Forms Easier for Mobile Phone Users

As you probably know Google is pushing webmasters to significantly improve their websites mobile experience, and now they are requesting that your online forms are made easier to fill out for someone on their mobile phone.

According to the firm it is apparent that many website owners have been marking up their site forms for auto-completion by way of Google’s “autocomplete” feature included in  their Chrome browser.

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Google instructs: Get your site ready for mobile by 21st April 2015

Google have announced their campaign to get website owners and webmasters ready to update their websites for changes in mobile friendly ranking factors, with a deadline set by the firm of the 21st April 2015.

As of this date Google has advised they will be expanding their use of “mobile-friendliness” as a ranking signal, and that it will affect all mobile searches worldwide. There is expected to be a significant impact in Google’s search results so we are advising below what web site owners can do to ensure they are ready in plenty of time.

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5 New Year Resolutions for Web Marketing

new year counter clock turning to 2015

It’s that time of year again where we reflect on the year gone by, and then we resolve to join a gym, eat healthier, greater work/life balance etc. Well it’s no different for the online marketing of your business, it’s important to plan for the year to come.  Every business will have a different set of resolutions depending on size and where they are in terms of strategy and web marketing efficiency.

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What 7 Years as a Soaring Instructor Taught me about Web Marketing

Some of you may know that I am a keen glider pilot and have spent many highly satisfying hours soaring gliders across the skies of England, Scotland and California.

In my pre All Things Web time I worked as a professional gliding instructor teaching the gliding basics to ab-initio and student glider pilots, carrying out “Top Gun” aerobatic rides as well as instructing on more advanced cross-country flights in mountainous areas.

I’ve been told that I always have a gliding “war story” or two up my sleeve so I thought it would be interesting to think about what soaring taught me and how I have used those experiences in my current day job – helping clients with their web marketing and SEO activities.

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How to Promote yourself and your Business Effectively on Instagram

We were asked recently by a client if they should be promoting their company on Instagram so this post has come about as we wanted to share our experiences and thoughts with others.

Feel free to check out our MD’s Instagram account @DarrenMoloney  – and check out some of his photos!

Should you be using Instagram to effectively advertise your business?

If you deal with a consumer audience (B2C) – say fashion – then it would be useful to promote your company Instagram. If you are a b2b company offering something like payroll services it’s probably not such a good idea at this moment. That said, we recommend you at least register your company username and post a few photos of you, your brand and your team to secure your account and plant your flag in Instagram’s online turf.

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Google Authorship is no more

Google announced at the start of September they will be dropping Google Authorship altogether (after removing Authorship Photos from search results in June).

Interestingly – around a year and a half ago – Google announced that “Authorship” would become rather important  – in fact their CEO even suggested in the future that you might end up “irrelevant” i.e a bit of a nobody if you didn’t tie up your Google+ author profile with your published blog posts.

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10 Content Generation and Topic Ideas for Bloggers Block


Toni at All Things Web head in hands with bloggers block

Blogger Block Selfie!

Content, content and more content! This is what you are told by your web marketing company time and time again! Produce at least one blog a week with quality content! Create more pages!

“Yes, yes”, I hear you cry, “that is all very well but I’m stuck for things to write about!”

Well, yes I can sympathise with you – we all suffer from bloggers block at some time or other. It can be particularly difficult if you operate within a very niche market where it seems there are only a few topics that can be covered. Here are my top ten tips to get the creative juices flowing again:


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