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Free Digital Marketing Seminars from All Things Web®

Digital Marketing Seminars“I know online marketing could benefit my business but I don’t know where to start.”

“We need to make our website more visible to potential customers and work better for us at generating leads.”

“SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, what do they all mean and should we be doing them?”

Sound familiar?  If so then one of our free digital marketing seminars could well be the solution.

At All Things Web® we pride ourselves on helping businesses to build greater online visibility, and engage with website visitors to build relationships and increase leads; all through the successful creation and implementation of Digital Marketing strategies.

As part of this we are excited to announce that over the coming months we will be running a series of free seminars at our office in Swindon.   The aim of the series will be to introduce businesses to Digital Marketing and help to answer some of the questions they have about how they can make it work for their business.

If you are a business owner, or are involved in the marketing of the business or responsible for the management of the company website then these sessions will be an ideal way for you to build and consolidate your existing knowledge.

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Back to School at the All Things Web® Digital Marketing Academy

The summer holidays have drawn to a close and the kids are going back to school, a year of learning is ahead of them. But it may not just be children that can benefit from going back to school.

At All Things Web® we know that not every business has the internal knowledge to manage their own digital marketing and as such need some help from a company like ours.

The help could come in the form of outsourcing or consultancy, but these aren’t always an affordable option. Training can therefore be an ideal cost effective solution as it allows you to develop your knowledge in house at the same time as developing the skills of your team.

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Should you be Maximising the Benefits of Schema Markup on your Website?

Benefits of SchemaAs the internet evolves into the Semantic Web, it may have not escaped your notice that Schema Mark-up data is increasingly being used by search engines in their results pages to display what is known as “Rich Snippets”.

This is already significantly affecting search engine results and maximising opportunities to attract more users to your site. Marked up data is likely to exert an even stronger influence over results in the coming years ahead which can only benefit you even more.

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Tailored Web Marketing Training

Tailored Web Marketing Training from All Things WebNot everyone wants to or can even afford to outsource their marketing activity. If this is the case for you and your business then training is a great starting point as it will allow you to increase your knowledge of marketing, which will aid your efforts in achieving greater online visibility.

Our collection of web marketing training sessions would be perfect for anyone who manages the marketing for a business, as well as business owners and seniors who may require a more general understanding of marketing.

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How to Promote yourself and your Business Effectively on Instagram

We were asked recently by a client if they should be promoting their company on Instagram so this post has come about as we wanted to share our experiences and thoughts with others.

Feel free to check out our MD’s Instagram account @DarrenMoloney  – and check out some of his photos!

Should you be using Instagram to effectively advertise your business?

If you deal with a consumer audience (B2C) – say fashion – then it would be useful to promote your company Instagram. If you are a b2b company offering something like payroll services it’s probably not such a good idea at this moment. That said, we recommend you at least register your company username and post a few photos of you, your brand and your team to secure your account and plant your flag in Instagram’s online turf.

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10 Content Generation and Topic Ideas for Bloggers Block


Toni at All Things Web head in hands with bloggers block

Blogger Block Selfie!

Content, content and more content! This is what you are told by your web marketing company time and time again! Produce at least one blog a week with quality content! Create more pages!

“Yes, yes”, I hear you cry, “that is all very well but I’m stuck for things to write about!”

Well, yes I can sympathise with you – we all suffer from bloggers block at some time or other. It can be particularly difficult if you operate within a very niche market where it seems there are only a few topics that can be covered. Here are my top ten tips to get the creative juices flowing again:


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A Useful Website Migration Checklist – Avoid these Common Pitfalls

All Things Web Website Migration Checklist


If you are moving your website to a new platform, there are a few things to consider before you start. Most good web designers and developers will have a proper website migration checklist that they follow, however, if they aren’t experienced and are not talking about some of the things I mention below, you need to get an SEO company involved. This will be especially important if you rely heavily on your website for leads or revenue conversions. Working in this industry I have seen too many companies lose traffic and sales after a poorly executed site migration. Continue reading

Keyword Synonym Tools for on-page Keyword Targeting

I realised a long time ago that continually targeting a keyword phrase (or very similar phrase) in your page content to achieve higher on page relevancy was a poor man’s approach to SEO and often resulted in content that gave a bad user experience.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that trying to shoe horn the same phrase into a page’s content is going to leave you unstuck when it comes to rankings – combine it with an overall poor quality content experience and you’re site is likely to be on the receiving end of a Google Panda (4.0?) spanking!

So what can you do to vary your keywords whilst ensuring the theme of your content remains consistent? Continue reading

Digital Marketing for Small Businesses and Start Ups Launched


Get expert help with online marketing for your business

The interest in knowing more about how to get their business found on Google by the entrepreneurs and small business owners to whom I made a presentation at Women Outside the Box last month sparked an idea.

Start up businesses need their customers to be able to find them online, but they simply don’t have the resources to be able to employ expert help.  What’s more, they’re distracted and confused by the misselling, hype and myth that characterises the world of digital marketing.

The same is true for many smaller businesses that might not have ventured into the digital arena other than perhaps their first website or a token attempt at social media marketing.

So what if we at All Things Web developed a service whereby we could hand hold business owners and their staff through their first steps in optimising their online presence? What if we advised on rather than delivered the service, thereby empowering new and smaller businesses to look after their own online presence for a nominal outlay?  What if we helped small businesses to grow, so that they could, in time, become fully fledged clients of All Things Web?

And so our digital marketing for small businesses and start ups package was born.

Costing just £99 plus VAT per month on annual subscription, it consists of a monthly hour of phone or email support and advice from our expert team here at All Things Web.  However that’s not all……….

In addition they get:

  • a monthly ranking report showing the business’ position in the search rankings for 3 keyword phrases and tracking their position against a major competitor;
  • a monthly analytics summary tracking their website performance against its goals;
  • a monthly newsletter containing tips and expert advice;
  • free guides on subjects including how to use social media for your business;
  • access to a trusted and pre-qualified supplier network able to give advice on complementary aspects of business and marketing including web design, photography and PR;
  • plus, a discount on any additional services from All Thing Web such as ad hoc consultancy or training.

This service means that smaller businesses can access advice on a wide range of digital marketing topics according to their needs, from website userbility and social media to SEO and adwords.  Clients signing up to the service also have the benefit of our paid tools, which would cost over £100 per month alone.

Signing up for the service can be coupled with a half day of one to one tailored training from our experts to give business owners and their staff a starting point from which to access and focus their monthly advice and support.

Alternatively, the service can be punctuated by quarterly training days to better develop and tailor support for the business’ online presence.

If business owners are prepared to do a bit of DIY under our expert guidance and tutelage, they can have a tailored support package for their digital presence, allowing them to compete with the market leaders in their field at a very early stage in the business life stage.

I can’t wait to see some future global businesses take their first online steps under our tutelage and guidance!  I’ll feel SO proud to know that I was part of their success!

For more information about our digital marketing service for smaller businesses or start ups contact the team on 01793 766040.


The what, why and how of Social Media Marketing for Business

I am always being asked by businesses large and small about social media marketing and how it can work for their business.  It’s something they’ve been told they need to do, but often struggle to get to grips with what it entails and more importantly how exactly the time and effort involved can benefit their bottom line.

Another area of concern is around what content they should create and how they can make it unique or interesting, particularly in industries or sectors not known for their creativity.  There is usually a competitor that in their opinion is making a hash of it and whilst they don’t want to follow the same path they are not sure how to improve on what they are doing.

At All Things Web we have been advising our clients on social media as part of their wider online marketing activity for the past few years.  In an attempt to help them understand how social media marketing can help improve their online visibility and engagement with current and potential clients, we have created a series of short introductory guides covering the main Social Media channels.

At the recent Women Outside the Box event they proved incredibly popular highlighting the demand for knowledge about the subject.  We have therefore decided to make them available more widely in a fortnightly series.

They are very much intended as a starting point for businesses trying to understand social media in general and specifically to answer the following questions:

  • What social media channels are the right ones for my business?
  • What content should I be posting and how frequently?
  • How can I maximise the functionality of the channel and use it to make my business more visible?

The first in the series is an Introduction to Facebook – a channel that works particularly well for businesses targeting consumers directly.

For more help about how to use Facebook effectively for your business get in touch with the team here at All Things Web.  Whether you need help getting started, working out an effective strategy, some training or full outsourcing we can help.