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First #LinkLove London Attended in 2012

LinkLove London 2012The West Country SEO Bumpkin took the opportunity recently to head up to London to attend Distilled’s LinkLove event and boy was he glad to have secured his ticket!

I arrived Thursday and like any Bristol lad spent part of the time wandering around the streets of London trying to find my hotel. I admit I’m more used to strolling around open fields and hills where I can see more and get a better idea of my surroundings. Eventually I reached the hotel after walking past it twice (hmmm), checked in and then hooked up with:

Gianluca Fiorelli of, an expert in International SEO Services


What a great chap and looks just like his avatar! :D We had a decent steak dinner and a couple of beers and really had a top level conversation on web marketing/seo techniques, our experiences in life that help us and our approach with customers. A great discussion I’ll certainly remember for a long time and our conversation stoked me enough to share some link building tips we know work well and helps everyone based on a “sharing and caring” society that I believe will become increasingly important.

The next day after a somewhat sleepless night (I was a bit like the kid the night before heading to Disney) I hustled over to the Conference Centre a little earlier than planned. Finding the doors locked I headed off to grab breakfast and by the time I bolted that down and returned the doors were open and entrance was gained.

I’m always nervous in gatherings, never really one for crowds to be honest so I signed in, grabbed coffee, stood on the sidelines, spoke to a lovely chap called Jas and then took someone’s tip on grabbing a seat at the back of the conference room (no change from my school days then) as the last 3 rows had tables which makes it easier to write notes or use a laptop being close to power outlets.

Pleased to see that all of the panel are recognised as experts in their field and their findings on how to get more links via content and other strategies are going to be of immense use (no selling from the stage here). Reassuringly I found them ALL to be highly approachable – so a big thanks to the following:

Rather than write up another post on what was presented, there was way too much to note down (plus my notes were written so fast they are a little hard to decipher, yes i am one of the hard core who use pen and paper, so that I don’t have to rely on battery juice!) I have found and listed below an excellent blog post from Alex Tanner for you to check out on what was discussed by the speakers (cheers Alex!):

Notes on LinkLove London 2012

Overall a great conference on the joys of link building and I am now persuading the other half to let me fly out for MozCon in Seattle but with developments elsewhere with All Things Web growth (watch this space) and family issues upcoming it might be I don’t make it this year. Ah well, I can always buy the video!

In a nutshell Distilled’s LinkLove conference was worth every penny and I would strongly recommend anyone working in the web marketing industry to book onto the next one.


PS At the end of the LinkLove London conference I also met Kath Dawson and Pete Wailes from Strategy Internet Marketing – a fellow Bristol SEO, we had a really fun talk about SEO over dinner and it was extra nice to see there are other dedicated web marketers in Bristol and South West UK.