Weekend SEO Roundup 12th/13th November 2011

Fascinating week for us last week! We had a client phone us to advise they no longer ranked for their own company name on Google – we checked and quickly identified someone had been playing around with the robots.txt file and managed to block all the pages to the site… unfortunately for that someone their first response was to blame us…. seeing as we are not allowed direct access to the website very unlikely… so talk about caught out with your hand in the cookie jar… web devs take note, if you make a mistake own up to it, don’t blame the web marketing company!

Thankfully a quick check of GWT (Google Webmaster Tools) had shown us that bots had been blocked from the site – which is odd as when we checked the robots.txt it was not disallowing anything – kind of gave the game away that someone had been tinkering… and then put things back when they realised something had gone AWOL.

Our client was seriously concerned (indeed as were we) that they couldn’t be found on search for their own name so our team swung into action and quickly implemented an Adwords campaign to ensure that if the company name is searched for they at least show up at the top of Google!

So if you do find your website cannot be found on S/E’s then first check there is nothing stopping a bot reaching and crawling your web pages…. for even more info check out the highly authorative links below for more info on Robots.txt and how to deploy it successfully for your site:


Damn, I missed PubCon Vegas baby!

I really would have liked to head out to Vegas last week and spent time at Pubcon Vegas – its where the cream of the SEO industry gather to share information and network… unfortunately with other things happening here there wasn’t enough time to get away and benefit so I can only gather information from whats been coming out since, one of the most useful sites being this one (if you’re looking for SEO tips):

Bugger, I missed PubCon Vegas – get recaps on all the Sessions and keep up to date and stay informed! Oh and check out below too…

Matt Cutts – Googles Head of Spam’s Key Takeaways from Pubcon

Another one to take note of is Key Takeaways from Matt – check them out here

Looks like there was loads going on during PubCon so lets only hope I can make the next one in 2012… though the way the SEO industry is squaring up to Google over its SSL privacy setup leads us to this debate on whether SEO is here to stay or if its gonna die on its arse next year…

Matt Cutts (Googles Head of Spam Team ) has said publicly at PubCon that SEO is not dead (though no mention of the word “yet”) so here’s a roundup of what he said:

Still who else gets the feeling the storm clouds are still gathering?

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