Weekend SEO Roundup 29th/30th October 2011

Only a couple of blog posts really stood out for me last week and these are (I know, I know some weeks in SEO do feel a little slow!):

Psychology SEO Strategy


The pyramid you’ll see is one I have come across before when I trained as a glider instructor and I know it works when training students learning to fly so make sure you give it a good read.


Getting Links with Twitter

We’ve been using Twitter to find good links for a while now and I spotted this post which should be of help as its got plenty of techniques you can start to use to find more links for your site:

Getting more links by using Twitter


Small Change, MASSIVE Difference

I’m not sure why Google has changed the use of the + search operator (though the author states because of Google +1 to avoid confusion) – now you have to use the exact match “” -  which probably brings things more in line with Google Ads exact match… a small change that seems to have gone possibly un-noticed by most???

Google Removes the + Search Command


New Look Google Analytics

Last one and I’d say if you are contemplating changing over to the new look Google Analytics then give this blogpost the once over…

New Look Google Analytics for Beginners


I’ll be back posting again laet this week  (once the end of the month rush is out the way!)


PS Link spammers please stop trying to post complimentary comments on this blog with link text, unless your post is specific about my blog post it won’t get published. :)




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