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Weekend SEO Roundup 29th/30th October 2011

Only a couple of blog posts really stood out for me last week and these are (I know, I know some weeks in SEO do feel a little slow!):

Psychology SEO Strategy

The pyramid you’ll see is one I have come across before when I trained as a glider instructor and I know it works when training students learning to fly so make sure you give it a good read.


Getting Links with Twitter

We’ve been using Twitter to find good links for a while now and I spotted this post which should be of help as its got plenty of techniques you can start to use to find more links for your site:

Getting more links by using Twitter


Small Change, MASSIVE Difference

I’m not sure why Google has changed the use of the + search operator (though the author states because of Google +1 to avoid confusion) – now you have to use the exact match “” –  which probably brings things more in line with Google Ads exact match… a small change that seems to have gone possibly un-noticed by most???

Google Removes the + Search Command


New Look Google Analytics

Last one and I’d say if you are contemplating changing over to the new look Google Analytics then give this blogpost the once over…

New Look Google Analytics for Beginners


I’ll be back posting again laet this week  (once the end of the month rush is out the way!)


PS Link spammers please stop trying to post complimentary comments on this blog with link text, unless your post is specific about my blog post it won’t get published. :)




NewsFlash: Google Turns on SSL in Search!

I usually wait till weekends to cover important events in SEO but this cropped up on my radar today and though somewhat worrying its not really unexpected from Google’s point of view…

Basically Google has switched on SSL for Google users logged in to their accounts and searching via – based on increased privacy for their users. It may only affect 1 to 2% of users RIGHT NOW but it seems it’s sending shockwaves through the SEO community (both here and abroad) – find out why below!

What this means for the future is that any organically keyword generated visits to your website will not be recorded in your analytics if that user is logged into their Google account. What’s got the SEO world seriously concerned is that if a user comes to your site via Adwords to a http:// website (rather than a https://version) then analytics will record the keyword that was used. Killing the organic keyword data in analytics (even at this small stage) smacks of unfairness if it is allowed by PPC means – it seems it is not really about privacy for users either.

I have to admit this is a clever move by Google, lets be honest when they decide they’ve had enough of the SEO community there probably won’t be much more we can do about it…. Google, in my humble opinion, will ultimately will go down the path of having purely PPC results on their webpages (or verticals in the organic results) and this “privacy” post is their first step towards this process. Why have organic results when they can make even more money from PPC? Admittedly it won’t be an overnight process, it will be a series of small steps rolled out for “testing” and to placate the SEO industry….

No surprises but its going to be interesting to see how things pan out with Google killing organic search data…

Weekend SEO Roundup 17th/18th October 2011

Where does the time go?? Please accept my apologies but with demand for our services and having had some personal time away we’ve managed to keep up with all thats gone in the SEO world but not had time to blog about it. Tut, tut I hear you say (and damn right you are!). A case of do as I say when it comes to blogging (i.e. keep it up to date) and not do as I do!

Ok moving on, lets see what caught my eye these past couple of weeks…

Using Whitelabelled SEO Services

I spotted this release on which mentioned an SEO company whitelabelling their web marketing services and Search Engine Optimisation and it reminded me of a competitor of ours who has no coding skills, no direct experience in sorting out technical SEO issues (pagination, canonicalisation, etc), no hands-on HTML down in the trenches… they serve purely as a middle layer who white label services they are not actually DIRECTLY providing, which in my experience leaves a sour taste in the mouth for the customer if something goes seriously wrong… here at ATW we recommend in other designers and coders directly and project manage if teh client wishes us to do that on their behalf (charging a reasonable fee for our management skills) – much clearer and transparent that way for everyone.

Offering SEO from another supplier might work if your client knows that you have outsourced it and that you are not pretending the SEO is being carried out “inhouse by your marketing team”… I’d say that if you are a web designer/develoeprs who clearly understands page structure, css, design, marketing, php, javascript and one that can apply those skills not just talk about them (from what you have learnt from reading a book) then taking up whitelabelled SEO is a good idea if you are busy but clients still want it from you… its a bad idea if you have no real clue about web marketing and no hands on experience, if things come unstuck with ranking or sales results you’re going to be the one ending up holding the can of worms through a lack of knowledge so be careful who you take on (and let the client know its an external SEO source who helps you get the work done)…


Google University Analytics IQ

Google Conversion University Analytics IQ questions – everyone should check this out, given the time we’ll be jumping onboard and taking the exams (trust me I am no academic, hated school – but somehow ended up at University at 27 – but I’m really looking forward to this one!). Back to school for me then! ;)

Conquering SEO

Conquer SEO by conquering Social Media. Really??? Then why do I see time and time again the majority of websites ranking highly without tonnes of tweets and facebook likes ‘n’ shares… not saying you should disregard social media but using it to conquer seo I think is the wrong way round, you want to make sure your on-page seo is down first, then great content with linkbuilding (though some seo’s seem to purely use paid directories – a sure sign they help boost ranking) , then signpost social media through…

Social media is great but if your audience is apathetic to it then all the content in the world won’t set them alight, so you’ll have to find another way!

I think it should be Conquer SEO first, then you’ll conquer Social Media, but I’d welcome your thoughts on it below…

Clever Linkbuilding Tips

Old post way back from 2009 but with some good little linkbuilding tips it’ll be worth taking a gander at… a few of these link tips I’ve worked out myself previously (I should bloody well hope so!) but also a few I’d not thought of before so it makes for a good read…

Taking Keyword Research to a Higher Level

Some very good points on keyword research.

If carried out indepth then keyword research can be painstakingly laborious – but if a best practice and careful review technique is applied you should end up with keywords phrases (both competitive and long tail versions) that really will help you. Using multiple keyword research tools is fine (though the blog post fails to name any) but Google Adwords keyword tool (especially with Insights, Trends and Google Suggest) for me really stands out more and more…

Oh and also make sure you understand how to define keyword difficulty, it is important to understand which keyword phrases you want to concentrate on and ones you should avoid (trust us we have made these easily made mistakes with a few of our own sites in the past!) Look here for more guidance:


OK cheers for reading, I’ve got a whole load more of ideas and blog posts coming up ready for next week.