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Weekend SEO Roundup 24th/25th September 2011

Wow what a weekend! I caught up with friends over dinner in Cheltenham on Saturday evening and its nice to see everyone doing so well… one of the main comments I heard was “Recession? What recession???”

Seems like everyone is busy and being super successful! Long may it continue…

I’m hearing interesting news about Facebook and a new upgrade to the way you present your profile page… seems like you will be able to make it far more unique – a quick look shows you what is on its way (can’t wait to see how many people balls up the photo layout… ;)   )


Google looks like it is going to allow newsmakers to tag their favourite news items… shame they’re not going to roll that out to website owners… :(


I discovered this post and thought oh not another post about white hat Seo not working…

Really if you’re no good at SEO then go manage Adwords campaigns or Facebook campaigns for your clients. Just face facts some people will go against Google’s Webmaster guidelines and guess what? It will work and they will outrank you… its life, chin up and move on! (aka go find long tail keywords that give a better conversion rate!)

Ok thats me till next week, cheers! :)

Weekend SEO Roundup 17th/18th September 2011

Um… my apologies for posting this SEO blog a tad late, precisely 06.49am this morning! ;)

Interesting point developed last week when someone told us he had read a book on SEO and for that reason we weren’t going to be needed. I asked him the date of the book that he had read and his answer was 2009 – ok its not that out of date and as I’ve said before the key concepts of SEO do not change (a bit like the key concepts of flying) but reading a book unfortunately does not trump 10 years of SEO experience… after this amount of time we know what works (and what works well)… not saying don’t read up on SEO but do note that some techniques may be so out of date it could potentially undo all your hard work by presenting a page that Google may regard as spam…

Other things that made me sit up and take notice last week in SEO:

Long Tail Linkbuilding Strategies

I like Rishi’s posts, he’s always clear and comes up with some unique, usable SEO suggestions … I think he’s on the money for ranking for long tail search phrases – especially as these types of searches can regularly convert into more leads and sales (especially if the other SERPS results are providing a poor result).

The great thing with targeting the long-tail is that you can usually quickly spot positive changes in your clients ranking, the bad thing is that if you go too long-tail then you may never see much traffic (if any!). It’s a trade-off you may have to carefully consider.

This article then lead me onto:

Copying Links – Its Bad, Real Bad, Folks!

The post above caught my eye for all the wrong reasons, the author had a point about why copying links of your competitors is a no-no BUT as someone correctly pointed out exactly matching another sites link profile is extremely difficult. We tend to look for effective links for our clients so sometimes another competitor may have got there first (but if the link is valuable then we do utilise it) but we also analyse overall link strategies to see whats working (blogging, commenting, directories, linkbait, articles, social etc)

Its a shame people think that copying is a way to win, it shows a poor lack of originality and I think a lack of understanding of how SEO should work :(

Inifinite SERPs Scrolling

Another one I spotted (I actually saw it happening in Google’s results first rather than read it elsewhere on another SEO blog!) was

Could this be a gamechanger if SERPS were all contained on one page? Not certain it will be (as people will still want to be at the top) but would it encourage users to look further down the results and help generate more traffic for those struggling to get their pages into Google’s top ten?

Bullets in Snippets

I LOVE bullets! I have utilised them in pages for years and they are great for users to quickly assess if a page is for them! Hint, I also am keen on dropping relevant internal anchor text links on them, a great way for people to navigate your content… seems Google likes them too… and here’s how to ensure you get Google’s Bulleted Snippets:


Feel free to leave comments, we get a load of them each week but they’re all pretty spammy so we’d really like some from fellow SEO’s or even clients who know us!

Other links you might like:

10 Ugly Seo Tools (we already use around half of them)

Why Use the Pipeline Seperator in SEO?





Weekend SEO Roundup 10th/11th September 2011

What a week! 2 more clients onboard and our first request from a client to look into optimising for Apples Itunes App Store - should be an interesting journey!

I think the most pleasing thing this week was being sent an email showing a local competitor’s derisory attempt at SEO with a page footer stuffed chockful of keywords (being hidden with white text on a cream background on every page including their clients home page). If you’re reading this then thanks for the link Emma! :)

Thing is this keyword stuffing crap is what gives our SEO industry (at times) such a bad name… the client likely does not know the risk their website is at, though if they do its very likely they’ve been told its a way to get up the rankings. Thing is should I email them a warning? I do not think it’s fair that any gains they have may have had from an old site could be lost through really lame SEO… Or should I report this spam attempt to Google (which seems a shade childish to me anyway)? I’ll sit on this one for a while I guess…

Using Paid Links in SEO

Interesting blog here from the guys over at SEOptimise – would you or would you not use paid links for your linkbuilding? Mind you the blog author does not seem to acknowledge (and neither does his audience) that if you pay for your site to be listed in a directory then in essence you are engaging in some kind of paid link building albeit the directories advise this is to cover the cost of a human review, it is not a charge for an automatic listing – sometimes I do beg to differ. ;)

I do see *many* major websites (who have deeper pockets than many small businesses) buying up tens or even hundreds of links in paid directories, free directories and bid directories. It is tempting to do the same for many of our clients – we know it works as these major players have high Page Authority from the high ranking directories they can be found in. Luckily here at ATW HQ we prefer to have clients with as natural link profile as possible – that way our smaller clients can easily compete against the Goliaths – many in fact even outrank the big guns… pays to have a varied mix of paid, non paid and social media links from many sources…

Advanced Link Operators

We all know links are important – but why all the hysteria? For years people have thought that crap content with a smattering of good links will get you ranked. Trust me it does not, I personally believe that Google’s gone back to on-page SEO being a key influence – though less obvious SEO keyword precedents and more natural (but themed) language – as well as quality content should give a high ranking regardless of numbers of links in my opinion.

However that does not negate the need to carry Link Research on a regular basis so this is one reason we are currently loving this page for Link Research – check it out – a useful tool for you:

After “?keyword=” in the URL above put the keyword you wish to target… then click the links to check out results on

Great way to find blogs to place USEFUL comments (NOT comment spam) on…

SEO Clients Rights

Some of the points in the article above I agree with, others I do not. I’ll let you be the judge to what I think… we always work ethically here at All Things Web and keep current clients informed at all times, but if you do it verbally you’d be surprised at what customers think they heard rather than what was actually said, so back up all verbal comms with an email as to what was agreed/discussed, saves a lot of heartache (and headaches) down the road…


Ok thats it for me this week, though I will try to post again during this week about Google Analytics as a freebie! We’ll see how the week goes… :)

PS: If you have a website whose SEO has been shafted, and you want your Google Ranking professionally sorted then feel free to get in touch!

Weekly SEO Roundup 3rd/4th September

A challenging week this last week, but around the end of a month we are enusuring all client work is up to date and ranking reports and analysis of traffic data has been completed for clients.

On top of that we’ve had an in-rush of enquiries and 4 leads for SEO came in via recommendations on social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook. Pleasing progress indeed.  :)

Monthly SEO Services not required? Really?

One thing that caught my eye this week was this blog post:

I agree with some of the comments but it seemed to suggest that all agencies that provide monthly SEO Services are offering services that are just not required. That might be true if the client has a very niche product and no competitors at all, but in the real world where top page ranking for even long tail keywords means the difference between succeeding or surviving. For many businesses wishing to compete online then monthly SEO services are a necessity.

I think if you fail to provide what the client needs and they want website optimisation on a monthly basis to also help keep costs manageable then they will likely go and find an SEO who can give them that so it’s a case of keeping up with client demand. I do strongly believe that coldcalling companies with poor websites and harrassing them into monthly SEO is certainly not ethical (we’ve received those types of calls ourselves in the past!) – we occasionally do turn away potential business when there is an apparent lack of investment in the site visually (and advise the company that SEO won’t fix a poorly constructed and designed website).

We have approached clients before to advise we have done as much as we can do and therefore happy to reduce our bill and in one case we were rebuffed the client (who actually felt we were no longer interested in them, which was not the case) and the other client was pleased we were upfront and accepted our reduced offer.

Practising Ethical SEO

Leading on from this I then saw SEOptimise blog on Ethical SEO – perhaps it would have been better to have also included content on how potential purchasers of SEO can ensure the SEO agency they choose ethically practices website optimisation… perhaps SEOptimise are looking to generate an online conversation (so do head over there to post your comments)

We do pick up a lot of business because someone has found their current SEO supplier to be unethical. Unfortunately in any industry there will be cowboys, you just need to ask around your contact network and do some online research to ensure your SEO provider is ethical.

Google’s Better Recognition of Internal and External Links

I wonder if anyone missed this from Google ? (since the 12 pack sitelinks came in and now this expect to see a sudden raft of changes from Google to make sure its search results stay fresh)

Google announced that the way they view subdomain links has changed. Previously they saw them as external links so allowing you to have a subdomain with a separate unrelated ranking. It would appear that Google will now treat a subdomain as an internal part of the website so its likely you will now have to have that subdomain as a standalone website with its own domain or work out how to incorporate the subdomain correctly into your main website structure.

Landing Pages Conversion

Good to see someone has written a blog post on actually recognising your landing pages are not working and failing to convert into leads and sales, it’s indepth and well worth a read.

Some good points including “matching your message”, “establish trust” – that is in our opinion the most important thing to do – too many people do not follow this rule and in our experience trust is a huge factor in getting someone to make the next step and get in touch or buy.


Google Website Optimiser for Organic Search

One of our clients rang this week wanting to know if Google Website Optimiser only works with Adwords as he was under the impression it didn’t work with Google Organic Search. We put him straight it works with any web traffic – see here for more:

Speaking with a few other clients none of them knew that Website Optimiser could be used in organic search so its worth you trialling Google’s software to make sure your pages are influencing visitors a maximum capacity

Take a look at all the posts we’ve commented on, they’re all very much of interest (and we’ll be keeping an eye on the internal link impact from Google closely here at ATW HQ!)… see you next week. :)