Weekly SEO Roundup 20th/21st August

Ok I am not sure if some of you noticed the changes that Google made last week  – Sitewide links used to be a simple set of plain links set under your SERPs listing (if anyone looked up your brand name). In a lot of cases Google now appears to be listing individual pages in 2 columns underneath your main SERP so pushing down any other sites well below the fold of many screens.

In terms of powering your brand I really think this is a great way for people to reach those deeper pages in your website.

This is also useful as it now gives your brand far more useful real estate on screen though it is in my opinion a little messy with the 2 columsn truncating data – I would prefer to see pages properly described in just one column – it will provide far clearer snippets to potential visitors. If you have a company with some bad reviews hopefully now this will push them a little out of searchers view.

Here’s a screenshot for one of our clients (who is happy for us to use his business as an example) – Rapid Exec chauffeurs – I will check to see if blocking out certain pages in Sitewide links in Google Webmaster Tools affects which pages are displayed…

Airport Chauffeurs


In other news… why are SEO’s still referring to Google’s Panda update and making such a fuss?

Let’s be clear here, if your site was penalised or your clients sites (if you’re a SEO) got whacked then really it’s no point going on about it to be honest. You got away with it for a long time no doubt and one would assume made some serious money, so the only way forward is to spend time and that money putting things right to make sure it doesn’t happen to you again… for those sites that got penalised and were genuinely not part of content farms then I apologise for any offence caused.

I’m just sat here feeling a tad smug that none of our clients sites were hit by Panda, in fact when Google rolled it out I never lost any sleep as we were that confident we’ve never engaged in any spam type SEO activity, either by links or content. Of course Google in its infinite wisdom may roll out changes that hits many SEO’s in the future – it’s hard to tell when Google will change the rules and decide that best practice SEO is actually over-optimisation and apply penalties that way… you just never know.

One last thing that caught our eye this week:


Nice post, as much as we like Google’s products there’s always room for other search providers, most probably doing well in a particular niche field.

If you’ve got any comments or suggestions please do feel free to post!





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