Weekend SEO Roundup 13/14th August

Every week we’ll list some of the latest, most interesting and relevant Search Marketing updates and news…

We think our round up will be useful for you to quickly catch up on what matters in SEO, allowing you to save time reading up blog after blog on SEO that really won’t matter to your website (unless perhaps its competing for really competitive keywords like “mortgages”)

Some of the sites we’ll reference may be familiar:


SEO Journal

Webmaster World


SEO by the Sea

… plus a few others up our sleeve! :)

So this is what Darren has found to be of interest this week and think will be of relevance to your business so we’ll hand over to him for the remainder of this blog:

Google Pagrank – is it still any good and what uses does it have in SEO?

Rand Fishkin explores Google’s Page Rank and when I saw the post I inwardly groaned… is it still being talked about as much? When I thought about it I guess it is… …some of our clients are a little anxious about it but after 10 years working in SEO we’ve discovered we can consistently rank sites in Google with an indicated Page Rank of 1 above sites with a PR of 3 or 4 (and for some quite competitive long tail phrases too!)

About the only time I look at Google Pagerank is when we take on a new client or if we’re in the process of building links I’ll go check it to make sure its a valid link (I also check if the domain can be found in Google and how many pages are indexed – now thats a better test!) – other than that I don’t tend to really worry about it… though a client who placed outbound links on her home page to non relevant sites saw it drop from 4/10 to 2/10…

I do wonder if this post is really just to sow the seed for MozRank, which is very useful in its own right but hey there’s nothing like a little brand association and product placement, right?


Google Directory is no more…

No surprises really, the Google Directory as “powered by DMOZ” is no more. One less thing to worry about then (though some may notice some links they had from Google are now long gone). Whether a link from DMOZ is still worth going after is yet to be seen (but for now it won’t harm you applying to get a link)


Google Reasonable Surfer (not really “new” this week but one I think you should read up on)

If you’re not sure where to place a link on your web page then this really will open your eyes, Bill Slawski is a great author and well respected in the SEO community… go check his site out!


28 SEO Experts Share

Some names I don’t recognise but there are a few here I know of and think you should too…. surprised there aren’t more UK based SEO Experts listed in this post… shame as I think the author missed out on a good opportunity here…


Well thats the roundup for this week, hope to see you back next weekend!

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