We know, its been a while…


With a new website thats recently gone live and growth in our company things really are accelerating quickly here at All Things Web – more clients, more SEO!

Instead of feeding out blogs on the basics of SEO – which frankly really have been done to death by now (if you want more on the topic check out Beginners Guide to SEO) we will blog once/twice a week on Website Optimisation factors and other Web Marketing issues that may be challenging small to medium sized businesses (and not forgetting the odd larger organisation too!)

We’ve lined up some guest writers to keep things interesting and intend to use a local website as a case study for SEO to show the changes that are made (giving reasons as to why) and the impact it has on their website traffic (as well as time on site).

We’ll spend a lot of time diving into Google Analytics and getting the most from this tool as well as looking at linkbuilding, content writing and keyword research to help gain your business more traffic, a greater online profile and ultimately more leads and sales.

We really want people to communicate with us so do subscribe and don’t be afraid to post questions, comments and even criticism… we”d love to hear from you.

We look forward to having you around!

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