Alternatives to YouTube – Video Hosting Sites for Businesses

Alternatives to youtube video marketingYouTube is the biggest and most well known video hosting and sharing website on the market at the moment, with millions of videos uploaded and viewed every day. Content is posted by businesses, bands, and celebrities through to amusing home videos of pets doing daft things. Whatever you are looking for you can probably find a video of it on YouTube.

From a business point of view YouTube has always been a great place to host and promote company videos, whether a slick professionally made video showcasing your services  or a demonstration of how to use  a product. Some clever marketers (with big budgets) can seed a viral campaign from YouTube, reaching millions of potential customers as the content is shared over and over again.

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5 Facts About My First Day

Think, plan, do first day job tipsNo matter what your age or what your job, your first day will always be daunting. It’s inevitable you’ll get lost, do something embarrassing, or get stuck. So if you’re anything like me, you will spend the morning googling different ways to make friends and first day tips.

I have shared 5 facts about my first day to hopefully put others minds at ease, but mostly to remind people that it’s okay to mess up on your first day!

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Wiltshire Business Awards 2016

Finalists at Wiltshire Business Awards 2016Joining hundreds of other business men and women from all over Wiltshire, the team journeyed down to Centre Parcs Longleat on Friday 15th April as finalists for the Wiltshire Business Awards 2016.

Being shortlisted to the final 8 from 57 companies across Wiltshire in the ‘Customer & Staff Care’ category was not only a huge privilege but a fantastic achievement for the whole team and we are all very proud of the achievement particularly as this is the second year in a row to make the finals.

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A Beginners Guide to Snapchat: Part 1

Boy snapping a photo on his mobileSnapchat has graced us with its presence for a few years now. Whilst its initial use was accompanied with a feeling of slight awkwardness as we attempted our first public ‘selfies’, this is no longer the case as individuals on every corner unashamedly snap away.

But how well do you really know the app, all its filters, emoji’s, and additional features? And besides personal use, have you considered Snapchat as a tool for your marketing efforts? Well, we have devised a simple two part guide to get you started on your snapchat journey. Find out exactly how the app works below:

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SEO Checklist for Ecommerce Websites

Blank checklist form, to-do list with office supplie.Getting SEO right for any website requires time and effort as well as the knowledge to devise and implement a strategy that will work. But for an ecommerce website with thousands of products and categories and more being added on a daily basis, there are some very easy traps to fall into and get the SEO very wrong. The following checklist is by no means exhaustive but should guide you through the main areas to watch out for.

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Google Adwords and the 4 Pack

PPCLast month Google decided to call it a day on sidebar advertising for its paid search product, known as Adwords, leaving only a top 4 Ad Pack with a few other paid ads under the organic SERP results.

It came as no surprise to us that they did this, but rather than jump on the bandwagon and look to forecast in panic what will happen with PPC and organic SEO results we decided to wait until things settle and then report back.

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Finalists in Wiltshire Business Awards for 2nd Year Running

Wiltshire Business AwardsWe are pleased to announce that All Things Web® has been shortlisted as a finalist for the second consecutive year in the Newsquest Wiltshire Business Awards after another great year for the business.

The team has been selected as one of the final 8 from the 57 companies from across Wiltshire that applied for the Customer and Staff Care Award. The title will be awarded to the company that can demonstrate not only excellent customer service but a true commitment to their staff.

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3 Stages to My Apprenticeship

Job SearchingAre you struggling to capture your dream job due to not having the correct experience or are you a college student with no experience at all? This can be frustrating as you may be showing all of the correct passion and presenting the best qualifications for the role, but when it comes down to it, experience is the greatest qualification of all. So what’s the answer?

Apprentices can be defined as “a person who is learning a trade from a skilled organisation during employment”. Employers will not expect apprentices to have any experience which is why it’s the perfect opportunity to gain the necessary skills you require on the job. More often than not, an employer’s motive to hire an apprentice is to take someone fresh out of education and nurture them into the business to allow them to develop in their role alongside the organisation.

Deciding you want to find out more about apprenticeships, or even wanting to get one is great. But how do you do it? Hopefully the following 3 stages based on my own experience will help.

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What Could You Learn in 2016?

What to do with 2016?We are now 6 weeks into 2016 and I am sure just like myself and the rest of the team here at All Things Web® you are firmly back into the swing of things. Fingers crossed you already have enquiries coming through the door.

At the end of 2015 Helen wrote a blog post on the Cornerstones of a Successful Marketing Strategy if you haven’t had a chance to read it check it out. If you have then hopefully you are already constructing your marketing strategy for 2016 using Helen’s expert advice.

What you will find this time of year is an array of blog posts summarising 2015 and the trends you should be looking out for in 2016. So I thought it would be a great idea to highlight some of the key marketing lessons that you should be looking out for this year including how All Things Web® will be sharing some of our expert advice with you for free.

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