Alert-it Social Media Case Study

Social Media Case StudyCustomer Profile

Customer: Alert-it Care Alarms


Location: Leicestershire

Who Are They? Alert-it manufactures and distributes a range of electronic patient care aids directly to the public and professional care organisations.

Company Background

Since their inception in 1992, Alert-it Care Alarms have become the UK’s foremost providers of Plesiocare within Assistive Technology for all care markets. They provide monitors and alarms that can reduce the stress of caring for individuals with a wide range of needs. Alert-it’s expertise and products can be invaluable in the care of individuals with epilepsy, learning difficulties, autism, dementia, incontinence, and for those at risk of falls.

What Did Alert-it Want?

According to the experts over at Alert-it, Christmas can be a fairly dangerous period as seizures become increasingly more common. So in November 2014 their team decided to create a guide to coping with epilepsy during the festive season.

Alert-it wanted to raise brand awareness through the creation of this guide, which they planned to distribute through a small targeted content marketing campaign in conjunction with some key industry experts.

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10 of the most Original, Creative 404 Pages you’ll ever see

Before we start to show you the best and most creative 404 Error Pages we can find, first let’s explain what a 404 error is:

When a visitor reaches your site via a link from another site but finds that the page no longer exists then they should be directed to a custom 404 page that explains the page cannot be found, you can then offer them to look at other sections on your site to keep them engaged as a visitor.

Improving your site can help ensure a quality experience, rather than leading to user frustration, so if you don’t have a 404 page as inspired as the examples below yet then we recommend you go get one! Continue reading

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Google: Make your Contact/Enquiry Forms Easier for Mobile Phone Users

As you probably know Google is pushing webmasters to significantly improve their websites mobile experience, and now they are requesting that your online forms are made easier to fill out for someone on their mobile phone.

According to the firm it is apparent that many website owners have been marking up their site forms for auto-completion by way of Google’s “autocomplete” feature included in  their Chrome browser.

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Exciting News from the Wiltshire Business of the Year Awards

Last Wednesday our Director Helen Moloney and I attended the finalist evening for the Wiltshire Business Awards at Thrings offices in Swindon having been selected as a finalist for the small business of the year award.

Over a glass of wine and canapés the judges announced the finalists for each of the 8 categories and all stated how impressed they were with not only the number but the calibre of the businesses who had applied this year making it a particularly difficult choice to select the finalists and a real achievement for those businesses who were in the room.

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Google instructs: Get your site ready for mobile by 21st April 2015

Google have announced their campaign to get website owners and webmasters ready to update their websites for changes in mobile friendly ranking factors, with a deadline set by the firm of the 21st April 2015.

As of this date Google has advised they will be expanding their use of “mobile-friendliness” as a ranking signal, and that it will affect all mobile searches worldwide. There is expected to be a significant impact in Google’s search results so we are advising below what web site owners can do to ensure they are ready in plenty of time.

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What is Google Webmaster Tools and Why is it Good for your Website?

What is Google Webmaster ToolsDo you use Google Webmaster Tools (GWT)? If the answer is “no” or maybe even “I don’t know” you have come to the right place. For those non-users out there you are missing out on reaping the many benefits of setting up GWT for your website.

It’s all well and good us saying that you should be using GWT, but I’m sure many of you probably don’t even know what it is and why you should be using it.

Certainly when I started working at All Things Web® seven months ago and was first introduced to Webmaster Tools my first question was what is it? Now, I wouldn’t call myself an expert but by this point I certainly understand the ins and outs of this handy Google tool and how to reap its rewards for our clients.

So if you are looking for some help to learn all about Google Webmaster Tools I am here to explain to you what it is and why exactly it is good for your website.

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Tailored Web Marketing Training

Tailored Web Marketing Training from All Things WebNot everyone wants to or can even afford to outsource their marketing activity. If this is the case for you and your business then training is a great starting point as it will allow you to increase your knowledge of marketing, which will aid your efforts in achieving greater online visibility.

Our collection of web marketing training sessions would be perfect for anyone who manages the marketing for a business, as well as business owners and seniors who may require a more general understanding of marketing.

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Google Pigeon Update – What Does it all Mean?

Google Pigeon

On the 24th July 2014 the Google Pigeon algorithm was released in the US. It was then rolled out to UK, Canada and Australia in late December 2014. This algorithm and subsequent updates means a much tighter accuracy on local search and rankings than ever before. Local search is people searching online for local services for example ‘bristol dry cleaners’ or ‘swindon restaurants’. This is the biggest local search update that Google has ever released. Even for national companies, local search is still very important and shouldn’t be ignored.

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What Makes a Good Social Media Relationship?

Whether you’ll be spending your Valentine’s Day loved up over an extravagant bottle of Champagne and aA Great Social Relationship With Your Customers delicious meal, or you’ve convinced yourself that it’s just another corporate money grabbing scheme (you’re single, right?) you can’t really avoid it.

And just as high streets are littered with heart shaped boxes of chocolate, fluffy stuffed animals and enormous bouquets of red roses, unfortunately cupid is likely to be coming to a news feed near you.

This month All Things Web® are joining the romance bandwagon as we discuss how to ensure a perfect relationship, that is between your social media and your customers. We’ve even come up with our own version of the classic poem;

 Pinterest is Red

Twitter is Blue

Social Media’s Great

So Let Us Help You

Sorry, we couldn’t resist. But social media is great and it should be a tool that every business leverages in order to communicate with both new and existing customers. Let us guide you through a love affair that will stand the test of time. Continue reading

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5 Things I Have Learnt From Blogging

Since joining the All Things Web team nearly 7 months ago – where has the time gone? – I have fast become an extreme blogger, writing more than a handful each week. To be perfectly honest I quite enjoy blogging, after all I’m learning things I never thought I would and  I am now an expert on everything from windows to wine. Go on ask me anything…

Besides discovering all these interesting facts, I have learnt a few blogging disciplines in the past few months Why Should You Be Blogging?which I would like to share with you here.

Why Should Your Business Be Blogging?

In case you weren’t already aware blogging is the act of creating content related to your business which not only highlights your services or products but gives you the opportunity to engage with your audience on a personal level.

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