All Things Web® Introduces……Harriet Bartlett!

Introducing Harriet to All Things Web®Please join us in welcoming a new edition to the All Things Web® team – Harriet Bartlett.

Harriet joined us early this month to help promote our ever-expanding digital marketing team. With a strong background in both Sales and Marketing, Harriet will be the perfect fit to our already awesome team, taking responsibility for lead generation and raising our profile further in Swindon, Bristol and surrounding areas.

Having grown significantly during 2014 and following the move into our new larger offices in Swindon recently, Harriet will be playing a key role in the continued growth of the business.

Our Business Development Director, Helen said of the appointment “We are delighted to welcome Harriet to the team. She will be a great asset to the business helping us to achieve our stretching growth targets for this year.”

Harriet will be splitting her time between the Swindon and Bristol offices and can be contacted at

Google Webmaster Tools Rebranded to Google Search Console… but why?

Indeed a good question you might ask.

Google Webmaster Tools Rebranded to Google Search ConsoleIt has been called Google Webmaster Tools for roughly 10 years now (though in our office it was abbreviated to just “Dubya-T”) and to many outside the industry it seemed a tool for those geeky, bearded types who look after websites and like to “peek under the hood” a lot.

Google believes that by changing its name to Google Search Console it makes it more approachable and usable as tool to anyone who cares about their search marketing, not just those beardy webmasters.

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Top 5 Functionality Tools to Use on Facebook

Top 5 Facebook Features You Should Be Using Did you know that 92% of marketers take advantage of Facebook advertising? And it’s certainly not going to change any time soon.

The best way to reach your Facebook audience and be seen on people’s news feed it to tap into the power of Facebook advertising. In fact Facebook recently revealed that 2 million small to medium sized businesses currently advertise on Facebook. But the real question is whether you are harnessing Facebook’s functionality tools and making the most of their latest features?

Take a look below and discover some of our favourite functionality tools available on Facebook:

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Incorporating Video into Your Web Marketing

Video MarketingIf you haven’t already noticed video is becoming one of the fastest growing tools to use as part of your digital marketing campaigns in 2015. Everybody has gone crazy for video! And why not, they are great for showcasing your brand, company & product information in a creative, fun and more engaging way.

You can’t forget that as a society we are very visual, research shows that 78% of people watch videos online every week, and 55% every day. That is a large market you really should be making the most of.

Whilst for large international and multi-national organisations it is easy to invest in great, creative videos, as an SME ourselves we know that many businesses only have a limited budget for vide. We therefore want to show you how useful and easy it is for you to incorporate video into your digital marketing strategy.

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New Larger Office for the Growing All Things Web® Team

The latest exciting news from us all here at All Things Web® is that we have recently moved into a new office.

Due to our continued success and growth of the business our Highworth office sadly wasn’t big enough for our expanding team (in number not in weight) so Darren, Helen, Jess and Jess have packed up and relocated to a brand spanking new office in North Swindon.

What do you think?

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Seriously, what is the point in blogging?

When we raise the subject of blogging to businesses, the response is often the same and All Things Web Tell You Why You Should Be Bloggingusually along these lines:

  • “ But, what is the point in blogging?”
  • “Everyone says I should, but does it really work?”
  • “I don’t even know where to begin, I don’t have anything interesting to say?”

In a bid to clarify, so we are all on the same page, blogging is simply the act of creating content related to your business whilst highlighting your products, services, and expertise. It is an opportunity for you to engage with existing and potential customers on a personal level whilst establishing your company as an expert in its field. Blogging is not only straightforward and cost effective but really is an essential addition to your marketing strategy.

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Why Measuring Keyword Density in your Copy is a Disaster Waiting to Happen

Keyword DensityI’ve been writing, editing and optimising copy for client’s websites for 15 years now and I’m still surprised by how many people ask me “what’s the special sauce for reaching the right keyword density?”

If you search Google for “keyword density” you’ll find plenty of results on the magic formula – this tends to lead people to that if Google is presenting these kinds of results in the SERPS, with the Panda algorithm in effect, then it must still be working.

Back this up with certain websites still managing to rank for their targeted keyword phrases whilst their copy looks extremely repetitive, and like it has been rinsed through keyword spinning software then it’s difficult for some folk to let go of the keyword density concept.

Oddly Google has never applied for any patents to cover Keyword Density (KWD) in its algorithms so this is a strong signal that KWD is something that they do not believe should be used as a yardstick.

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News, Views and Gossip in the World of Online Marketing and Mobile Phones

With the mobile friendly google update deadline just passed (April 21st), we wrote about this here, online marketers are keeping an eye out to see if rankings and online presence are affected with this algorithm as it is rolled out. Search Engine Land have put out a preliminary list of the ‘winners and losers’ of the big players, although it is very early days. Google themselves have reported on the 21st April that there was a 4.7% upturn of websites complying with their mobile friendly rules – read what they say about it here.

So since everything seems to be about phones this spring, I thought a little round up of the latest news and gossip on smart phones would be topical.

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Alert-it Social Media Case Study

Social Media Case StudyCustomer Profile

Customer: Alert-it Care Alarms


Location: Leicestershire

Who Are They? Alert-it manufactures and distributes a range of electronic patient care aids directly to the public and professional care organisations.

Company Background

Since their inception in 1992, Alert-it Care Alarms have become the UK’s foremost providers of Plesiocare within Assistive Technology for all care markets. They provide monitors and alarms that can reduce the stress of caring for individuals with a wide range of needs. Alert-it’s expertise and products can be invaluable in the care of individuals with epilepsy, learning difficulties, autism, dementia, incontinence, and for those at risk of falls.

What Did Alert-it Want?

According to the experts over at Alert-it, Christmas can be a fairly dangerous period as seizures become increasingly more common. So in November 2014 their team decided to create a guide to coping with epilepsy during the festive season.

Alert-it wanted to raise brand awareness through the creation of this guide, which they planned to distribute through a small targeted content marketing campaign in conjunction with some key industry experts.

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