Time to Change from HTTP to HTTPS

Move from HTTP to HTTPSIs there now no excuse to not move your website to HTTPS?

I’ve peridocally advised clients it would be a good idea to move their HTTP websites to HTTPS versions over the years, mostly for their peace of mind and that it would become a de-facto standard online.

That seems it might be the case in the near future.

Word has it that Google’s internet browser, Chrome, is in the running to mark websites ‘Insecure’ that do use HTTP. In my opinion this makes it a leading priority for your website. Chrome is a popular browser and this could affect people visiting your site if they see it marked “insecure”. You could see a downturn in online sales too.

For your peace of mind and for your website visitors security it is time to get serious about moving your site to HTTPS.

The process in theory is quite simple, particularly for smaller sites. The common pitfalls are placing your pages in the HTTPS folder but leaving images on the non https part of the site. This then causes notices in a users browser that your site is using insecure resources on a secure page, again a trust and conversion killer.

If you’re unsure of the requirements then give us a call on 01793 766040 or you can find out more here from Google.

How much do you know about Apprentices?

apple on books with pencils and empty blackboard - back to schoolHow much do you actually know about apprentices? My first blog skimmed over this topic, and explained that I was sceptical about applying for an apprenticeship, mostly due to the fact I didn’t really know much about them besides the tales of low pay and going to college once a week. However, my experience has been very different to the rumours. This month, I wanted to use this opportunity to explain how the scheme can benefit both an apprentices’ personal and professional life using my own experiences.

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A to Z SEO Jargon Buster

SEO Jargon BusterAudit – SEO audit is a report that benchmarks your website in terms of its optimisation against current best practices and your competitors and helps devise a future strategy.

Alt Tag – a tag that is used to describe the content of an image to someone who uses a screen reader – it also helps optimise images to be found in Google Image search.

Anchor Text – this is the text used to link through to from one piece of online content to another. Using keywords in your anchor text used to be an effective way of pushing a keyphrase on a website. It is less effective now, especially if you over do it.

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How Google Rater Guidelines Will Affect Your SEO

How Will Google Rater Guidelines Affect Your SEOOptimising websites for better rankings is no longer just a case of shoehorning in your keywords into your page content and praying to the Google gods that it will work for you. Suffice to say if your copy isn’t optimised at all or really badly targeted and you add in a few phrases, then this will help but will it really propel you into higher overall positions enabling you to gain more traffic and leads? Not really.

 So what to do?

 Well Google has kindly released its general Quality guidelines (fully updated for 2015) for its Search Quality Rating Program. I have spent some time pulling out the key information you need to bear in mind if you want to improve your chances of ranking highly.

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Different Ways to Use Email Marketing for Your Business

Email Marketing UsesDo you use email marketing as part of your overall marketing strategy?

Email marketing is a popular and effective channel if implemented and used correctly for your business.

Where some people may make a mistake though is thinking that it’s just about sending out a simple email from Outlook, Gmail or other email platform. Instead you need to think about the different ways in which you can use this marketing tool to communicate with your audience.

To help you out I will be explaining a number of the different ways you can use email marketing to communicate with your contacts.

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Cornerstones of a Successful Marketing Strategy

Marketing StrategiesTo successfully market any business no matter what its size, industry, or the market in which it operates there needs be a marketing strategy and plan to work to. Without this a business will invest considerable time and money in marketing campaigns that don’t work.

Marketing activity without a clear direction and strategy not only results in a poor or no return on investment but crucially can waste considerable time and resources dealing with the wrong type of leads.

Marketing plans come in a wide range of shapes and sizes from simple two page headline documents to full blown multi-channel epics, but to ensure their success there are four cornerstones that need to be considered across them all.

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Using Split Testing on Landing Pages for improved Conversions (CRO)

Split testingEverybody wants to get the best out of their company or business website. You want to drive as much traffic as possible and increase your conversion rates through selling more products or gaining more new service based clients. What we want to do in this blog is show you in very simple terms the importance of optimising your landing pages for better conversion rates and how you can do this with split testing. Not only will you increase the effectiveness of that page but you can make very significant improvements to your bottom line. Let’s start with the basics:

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The Life of a Hashtag: Growing Your Social Media Presence

The Power of a HashtagFor many, growing their social media following is simply the case of spamming others, following hundreds, and using cheat apps to gain followers who are in no way relevant to your product or service. Doing so rarely has any true impact on sales or brand awareness because these audiences simply aren’t interested.

Instead, it is important to grow your social media presence in a manner that will truly benefit you and your business. Hashtags are certainly a way of helping you, particularly on photo based site Instagram or home of the hashtag, Twitter. So let us explain exactly what a hashtag is and how it could help you in your social media marketing strategy.

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The Apprentice Monthly

For those who missed the first entry, I am A Night at the RacesAmy – All Things Admin. Based in the Swindon office, I will be taking responsibility for providing administrative support to both All Things Web® and our clients, as well as supporting the team in a few marketing activities. Welcome to my second in a series of blog posts about my time as an Apprentice.

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5 Ways to Annoy Your Subscribers with Email Marketing

Stress work mailPoor email marketing practices over the years has resulted  in many businesses being put off it as a channel as part of their marketing strategy.

There is an art to email marketing just like many other marketing techniques and if you get it right then it can be very effective for businesses across many sectors.

This month I am revealing some of the common ways that poor email marketing practices   annoy subscribers.

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