Should you be Maximising the Benefits of Schema Markup on your Website?

Benefits of SchemaAs the internet evolves into the Semantic Web, it may have not escaped your notice that Schema Mark-up data is increasingly being used by search engines in their results pages to display what is known as “Rich Snippets”.

This is already significantly affecting search engine results and maximising opportunities to attract more users to your site. Marked up data is likely to exert an even stronger influence over results in the coming years ahead which can only benefit you even more.

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How to Make the Most of Exhibition Marketing for Your Business

Exhibition, marketing, businessExhibitions can be an excellent and valuable marketing strategy for your business because they allow you to conduct face-to-face communication with current and future clients, suppliers, and other key business contacts. When done well events have the ability to create a long lasting and positive impression of your business.

It is clear to say that exhibition marketing is important for businesses, but the fact is like many other marketing techniques and tools it is possible to get them really wrong, so this month I am here to help you make the most of exhibition marketing for your business.

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The Team at All Things Web® Welcomes Another New Face

Apprentice, Admin, New, TeamWe have certainly been busy over here at All Things Web® in the last month filling our new office with new faces, the most recent addition to which is the wonderful Amy!

We have been looking to provide an opportunity to a budding local marketer for a few months and have therefore been searching for the ideal candidate to take on the role of Business Administration Apprentice and there isn’t much else to say except Amy did blow us away.

She will be taking on all of the administration tasks for the team to help us run smoothly and provide quality online marketing services to our clients as well as being the first point of contact to clients and visitors when they visit the office in Swindon.

With previous admin, graphics and customer service experience already under her belt we are sure Amy will be a real asset to All Things Web®.

Our business development manager, Helen says of the appointment, “We are really pleased to welcome Amy to the team, we strongly believe in the benefits of the apprenticeship scheme for both the individual and the company and hopefully Amy will be the first of a wider programme here at All Things Web®. A big thank you to local firm Green Labyrinth for guiding us through the process and finding us such a great candidate.”

I myself am not only happy to be welcoming a new team member but also excited to be able to help Amy develop even more as a person and pick up lots of useful life long skills and experience that she will gain as part of her job role and apprenticeship.

So it is a huge welcome and good luck Amy from everyone here at All Things Web®

How to Improve User Journey and Experience on your Website

Confusing Website Visitor JourneyHave you ever gone to a website only to become very frustrated because you can’t find what you are looking for? Or the functionality falls short of the mark?

Chances are yes you have. And usually you will exit that website pretty sharply to find an alternative source for the information or product you want. This is clearly not what you want your potential customers doing when they come to your website.

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You Can’t Afford to Ignore Social Commerce Traffic Any Longer!

Social media and e-commerce have been flirting profusely for years and so far are yet to make You Can't Afford To Ignore Social Commercemuch of an impact. But with the power of social being more widely recognised things are heating up.

Historically social media share of e-commerce referral traffic has been lower than most other channels. However, it is firmly on the rise and in many cases now growing faster than any other marketing channel.

Whilst still on the relatively small side, let us explain how it is becoming more and more difficult to ignore social for e-commerce traffic.

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Why SME’s should consider Retargeting Ads as part of the overall Marketing Mix

A recent marketing survey highlighted that 74% of marketers see an uplift in their search campaigns when adding retargeting of ads into the mix. For many SME’s however, retargeting isn’t something they are either aware of or even considered when looking at their online marketing.

In this brief overview we explain what retargeting it, the benefits to SME businesses as part of their marketing strategy and provide a few pointers on things to consider to help create re-targeting ad campaigns that work.

What is retargeting?

Ad retargeting enables a business to selectively advertise online to people who have already visited their website with a message specifically tailored to the type of interest they have shown.

It enables them to keep their brand top of mind long after the visitor has left the website as well as encourage them to re-visit, when they are more likely to make a purchase or enquiry.

Research shows that re-targeting is fast becoming a popular element within the marketing mix, particularly across platforms, and giving similar results to email marketing when utilised as part of an overall marketing campaign.

Ad Retargeting

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All Things Web® Introduces……Harriet Bartlett!

Introducing Harriet to All Things Web®Please join us in welcoming a new edition to the All Things Web® team – Harriet Bartlett.

Harriet joined us early this month to help promote our ever-expanding digital marketing team. With a strong background in both Sales and Marketing, Harriet will be the perfect fit to our already awesome team, taking responsibility for lead generation and raising our profile further in Swindon, Bristol and surrounding areas.

Having grown significantly during 2014 and following the move into our new larger offices in Swindon recently, Harriet will be playing a key role in the continued growth of the business.

Our Business Development Director, Helen said of the appointment “We are delighted to welcome Harriet to the team. She will be a great asset to the business helping us to achieve our stretching growth targets for this year.”

Harriet will be splitting her time between the Swindon and Bristol offices and can be contacted at

Google Webmaster Tools Rebranded to Google Search Console… but why?

Indeed a good question you might ask.

Google Webmaster Tools Rebranded to Google Search ConsoleIt has been called Google Webmaster Tools for roughly 10 years now (though in our office it was abbreviated to just “Dubya-T”) and to many outside the industry it seemed a tool for those geeky, bearded types who look after websites and like to “peek under the hood” a lot.

Google believes that by changing its name to Google Search Console it makes it more approachable and usable as tool to anyone who cares about their search marketing, not just those beardy webmasters.

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Top 5 Functionality Tools to Use on Facebook

Top 5 Facebook Features You Should Be Using Did you know that 92% of marketers take advantage of Facebook advertising? And it’s certainly not going to change any time soon.

The best way to reach your Facebook audience and be seen on people’s news feed it to tap into the power of Facebook advertising. In fact Facebook recently revealed that 2 million small to medium sized businesses currently advertise on Facebook. But the real question is whether you are harnessing Facebook’s functionality tools and making the most of their latest features?

Take a look below and discover some of our favourite functionality tools available on Facebook:

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Incorporating Video into Your Web Marketing

Video MarketingIf you haven’t already noticed video is becoming one of the fastest growing tools to use as part of your digital marketing campaigns in 2015. Everybody has gone crazy for video! And why not, they are great for showcasing your brand, company & product information in a creative, fun and more engaging way.

You can’t forget that as a society we are very visual, research shows that 78% of people watch videos online every week, and 55% every day. That is a large market you really should be making the most of.

Whilst for large international and multi-national organisations it is easy to invest in great, creative videos, as an SME ourselves we know that many businesses only have a limited budget for vide. We therefore want to show you how useful and easy it is for you to incorporate video into your digital marketing strategy.

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